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Cryptoblades Introduces the New Garrison Feature

Its a new year and Cryptoblades is ready to go again. On the 2nd of January 2022, it announced its plans for the new year. This includes AAA Gaming Partnerships as well as massive staking update. More notably is the New Garrison Feature. This announcement was made via Cryptoblades Medium Page. Continue reading to get more details of Cryptoblades upcoming plans for this year.

Details of the New Garrison Feature

The new garrison feature involves a better way to store your in-game assets. Before now, there was issues with storage limitations. Players could not store beyond a certain amount of digital assets in the game’s wallet. With the introduction of the new garrison, players now have a better storage. In this wallet, they can store 4 active characters. Besides the four active characters, players will also be able to store many other assets as they please.

From this update, players will be able to receive additional assets via transfers to the same account. Using one account, you will also be able to store any NFTs you mint. Users will no longer need to create multiple accounts with the same wallet. With certain features upcoming, this new release is essential to their success. The garrison will also ensure a more efficient account management.

AAA Gaming Partnerships, Staking and More News

Cryptoblades Partnership and New Garrison Feature

Although the garrison feature is a highlight, it is not the only one. Cryptoblades is also working with various partners to fulfil its AAA gaming vision. It is working with Volmi Games to bring the best of arts and 3D designs to its gameplay. is also on the list of partners. Improbable is helping to improve the multiplayer aspect of this game. The Mill is also working towards improving the creative vision and marketing approach of AAA Gaming. Their input is very important, considering that the Cryptoblades Kingdom is coming along nicely

Away from partnerships, there is an ongoing staking pool. Starting from the 2nd of January 2022, players will be able to stake the $KING token for 30, 60 or 180 days. Users will earn massive rewards for locking the game’s native token. Another important feature coming to Cryptoblades is the Omnus. This is the metaverse of this blockchain game. Holders of LAND NFTs and $KING tokens will own and govern the Omnus metaverse.

As time goes on, Cryptoblades will be adding projects to their metaverse. Anyone who wants to add 3D NFT technology to their project must own LAND NFTs, and locking $KING tokens. Also, other features are coming to gameplay this year. They include: Player vs Player, Dungeons, Raids, Guilds, Guild Battles and Land Manager.

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