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Gods Unchained Set to Roll Out UI Updates

The trading card game with play-and-earn-build-to-trade mechanisms, Gods Unchained, has announced its incoming UI Updates. 

The latest update will cover the Sanctum Refresh, Loading screen updates, and Void view bug fixes. According to the game platform, it will roll out the UI updates during the next release.

Highlights of the UI Updates

The Sanctum Refresh

Gods Unchained has revealed plans to roll out a new set of user interface updates to improve the overall gameplay experience of users. The goal is to offer a more user-friendly environment for gamers to play Gods Unchained. 

According to the team, the improvements are an aspect of their overall growth objectives as it prepares for the closed launch of the mobile alpha. It is also to provide in-game customizability to players. 

The game team mentioned it is focusing on partnering with its community to explore these features through a test-and-iterate technique. In addition to the facelift, the Sanctum also has some bug fixes.

gods unchained

Additionally, there are bug capture buttons and new settings in the loading screen and gameplay. The team is also enlarging the message size to support the mid-hardcore strategy players in long battles. 

Players can view the new Sanctum widget on the right-hand side of the game screen. They will also be able to view the Favor for every available card on the screen.

Settings & Bugs Buttons on the Loading Screens

This is another huge feature in the game and it will enable the settings button when the screen is loading. With this new feature, gamers do not have to worry about getting stuck while loading the screen multiple times.

They also do not have to anticipate longer loading times on their game. The update will enable players to access bug reporters, settings, and concede options in the game and while the screen is loading. 

Also, players now have a way to quit from the loading screen or alter their video/audio settings without shutting down the entire game. Gamers can see the settings button and the bug reporter on the loading screen. This makes it easy to report bugs before your match begins.

Improvement on Network Code for Void Views with Several Cards

This new feature is for middle-hardcore strategy players. When playing long-drawn battles and you have over 60 creatures in the void, the match would usually break. 

However, this issue has been fixed, which means players can now duel in the Arena and compete with other players without any issues.

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