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Nakamoto Games Releases Weekly Development Sprints

Amid efforts to achieve its goal to launch 100 games before the end of the year, Nakamoto Games, the play-to-earn gaming platform, has released new updates.

According to the game platform, it is focusing on the backend and frontend improvements of NAKAVERSE. It further revealed its intention to improve its gameplay and boost the user experience for maximum fun and enjoyment.

Highlights of the Frontend Improvement

Nakamoto Games revealed it is implementing the Story Mode reward and season pass rewards for games while working towards the 100 games mission. It is also currently working on implementing the rental asystem for NFT land and buildings. The project also includes a new front-end site, and an installment system for NFTs in NAKAVERSE.

Highlights of the Backend Improvement

The game platform is also working toward implementing its partner games’ portal service and other activities covered in the front end. Additionally, it plans to support save game data API, the installment system for NFT buildings, and Binance Balance Vault for purchasing NFTs.

nakamoto games

Highlights of NAKAVERSE Development

According to Nakamoto Games, the NAKAVERSE development is rapidly progressing as the team continues to work to bring its users the best Metaverse experience. The game platform mentioned it will implement an installment payment option for NFTs on NAKAVERSE.

This will enable users to spread their investment costs over a period. It also mentioned it will integrate a rental system for its NFT Land parcels and buildings. This will allow users to temporarily own the NFTs. Nakamoto also mentioned it will offer support to its community who use Binance Balance Vault to buy NFTs.

Updates on the 100 Games Mission Project

Nakamoto Games revealed that its design team is committed to creating fascinating artwork for the 100 games mission. Additionally, they will redesign the official website of Nakamoto Games.

This will enable seamless interactions with different platform features while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The development team is also working tirelessly to implement different smart contracts to ensure secure transactions on the platform.

The team mentioned it will implement a multi-signature contract requiring three signatures to validate a transaction. The objective of this is to enhance transaction security.

The game platform reaffirms its commitment to continue upholding the highest standards as it prioritizes the implementation and deployment of features in alignment with anticipated ecosystem needs.

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