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How Much Can I Earn on Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds was one of the most popular Metaverse games in April 2021. The game entails mining Trilium across different planets and renting spaceships to go on missions and quests that reward players with rare NFTs and TLM tokens.

It is a decentralized NFT game on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX blockchains. Players can use digital items to play, and the core gameplay on the platform includes mining games, mission games, and other action games, such as quests and fighting.

Early adopters had a field day when the TLM token was at an all-time high of $7.19. However, the token has dropped by over 99.79% percent at the time of this writing to $0.015304 per token. So, is there a possibility of earning while playing Alien Worlds? 

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Is Alien Worlds Profitable, and is it Worth Playing?

Experts and traders have considered Alien Worlds an excellent investment for a long time. However, the market’s volatility has affected the Alien Worlds TLM just as it affected other NFTs. As of today, earning TLM tokens across different in-game activities does not translate to lots of profit. 

As stated, the current price of a TLM token is $0.015304. It is worth mentioning that the price has dropped by over 29.5% over the past seven days but slightly increased in the last twenty-four hours by 3.79%. The circulating supply of the token currently is 2,611,487,653.

What does this mean to Traders and Players on the Game Platform?

Let us start with the obvious. The crypto market is currently experiencing low moments, and the NFTs are affected. If it is any consolation, Alien Worlds TLM is not the only NFT experiencing a downward spiral movement. 

Other big NFT platforms, including Axie Infinity and Decentraland, have also lost significant value since the market began its free fall. That is why investors must research and analyze the market before investing in any token. 

Currently, the market is not very profitable, and you may not earn much while playing this game. However, this does not mean all hope is lost.

The Future of Alien Worlds TLM

Experts predict that the future of the TLM is bright as the game platform navigates through the bearish market and survives. According to predictions, Alien Worlds TLM will gradually gain value.

It may not be as significant and fast as investors want, but the token will grow in value according to prediction. This growth will only favor investors that are in for the long haul. If you are looking for an investment with a quick return, the Alien Worlds TLM token may not be your perfect choice.

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