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Gods Unchained Set to Host Weekend Ranked Event

The trading card game by Immutable, Gods Unchained, has announced its Weekend Ranked event where participants can earn GU packs for their efforts.

Gods Unchained Weekend Ranked is a weekly event that starts from Friday morning to Monday morning. It is an event where participants from around the globe participate in Arena battles for prizes and glory.

How to Participate in the Weekend Ranked Event

You do not have to sign up to participate in the event. All Gods Unchained users are automatically qualified to participate. All you have to do is queue up in Ranked Constructed to play matches. Players with at least one win become eligible to participate in the Weekend Ranked event. 

Note that prizes change based on the starting rank of the player. Also, note that not all ranks offer a prize for a single win. Gods Unchained recommends that players check out the specific rewards for their rank on the game platform.

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Highlights of the Prizes for Weekend Ranked Event

There are different categories of prizes, ranging from Core packs to expansion packs. Suffice to mention that the Core packs are traditionally earned when players level up, while the expansion packs are available for sale through the Gods Unchained store. Three criteria determine the prize you win in the event:

  • The number of wins you achieve during your first eighteen games of the Weekend Ranked event
  • Your rank before the start of the Weekend Ranked event
  • Whether your wallet is linked to your gaming account or not

Participants must attain a rank that matches one of the tables highlighted in the Card Pack prize table section before the event kickoff. You must complete all matches before the end of the event for your wins to count.

There are twelve ranks in the Weekend Constructed. They include Rusted Bronze, Purified Bronze, Rusted Iron, Purified Iron, Impact Meteorite, Astral Meteorite, Twilight Shadow, and Midnight Shadow. They also include Auric Gold, Solar Gold, Ethereal Diamond, and Mythic. 

As you win games, the bar fills up on your ranked tab on the Launcher. When you lose, it damages your shield. The platform mentioned it has added an extra set of prizes for its top-performing and most-dedicated players.

Gamers in the Mythic tier will go head-to-head with stronger opponents and will receive additional prizes for enduring the most difficult challenge.  

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