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DeRace Releases Friday Development Update

The NFT-based horse racing metaverse, DeRace, has released its Friday Development Update – Part 76. The updates cover everything the team has been up to in the past week. 

These include enhancing the NFT horse rental feature, optimizing DeRace database queries for enhanced performance, and more.

DeRace Updates on Horse Renting

According to DeRace, the team is getting closer to releasing the much-anticipated horse rental feature. It further revealed that its development team is working harder to further evaluate and refine the horse rental feature before its release.

In addition, it has added different filters to enable gamers to sort through various horses available for rent to find the best that fits their needs. The game platform also mentioned it is working toward optimizing its horse rental UI for a seamless and smooth process.


Highlights of Updates on Database Query Optimization

The game mentioned that its team focused on the optimization of its database queries this week. The goal is to enhance the performance of its platform and speed up the loading time while enhancing the overall platform performance. Therefore, players can look forward to a more enjoyable gaming experience with more seamless gameplay and faster load times. 

Highlights of In-game Marketplace Updates

DeRace also revealed that its team is working hard to build its in-game marketplace and has made significant progress so far. It mentioned that the team is currently building the base logic. This will make it intuitive and easy for gamers to trade, buy, and sell in-game NFT assets with others. 

The new feature will enable gamers safely and smoothly trade equipment, horses, and other NFT assets in the game. They would not need to withdraw these assets from their in-game wallet. Players who acquire these assets can access them immediately, making the game experience more enjoyable and smooth for everyone.

Updates on Hippodrome

The game platform is excited to inform its community that it is making significant progress in the development of its newest hippodrome. DeRace mentioned that its game designers are painstakingly crafting the 3D components and aligning them in appropriate locations in the hippodrome.

When the core elements are complete, the team will focus on boosting the environment, surroundings, lighting, and other critical areas. This will create an authentic and immersive hippodrome for all players to enjoy racing horses.

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