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The Red Village Announces the Give Back Championship for April 28th

The Red Village has announced that it will be launching the Give Back Championship in the coming days. This competition is a celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary. It is also to mark the successful completion of the New York NFT week. The team is using this opportunity to appreciate members of its amazing community.

This is why they are organizing a one-week free entry contest. Participants will enjoy a non-discriminatory event that grants everyone an equal opportunity to win great prizes. However, there are still terms and conditions that contestants must adhere to.

Details of The Red Village Give Back Championship

The Red Village Give Back Championship will go live by 6:00 PM Easter Time on the 28th of April. This competition will continue until the next summoning season. Players will receive tickets equivalent to the number of tournaments they enter. This means those who register their champions in 10 tournaments will get 10 entry tickets. The same process applies to having multiple in-game avatars.

Details of The Red Village Give Back Championship

However, contestants can only enter a maximum of 2 champions per tournament. To maximize their opportunities, players with multiple avatars can register them across different contests. Anyone who registers more than 2 champions will receive a strike. Those who get 3 or more strikers will be disqualified from the Give Back Championship raffle.

Meanwhile, there will be no leaderboard for the GBC. Instead, The Red Village will compile the final scores and unveil the winners during the next summoning session. Nonetheless, every victory counts, and players should ensure to win as many tournaments as possible. Meanwhile, every champion that completes a tournament during the qualifiers will receive 400 bonus wisdom.

Although TRV did not give specific details, it stated that the top 25 ticket holders will receive different prizes. Their rewards will be according to how they rank. Here is a breakdown of how the system will work:

  • 1st to 5th positions: $100 + Stance Reveal + 2 Summoning Refunds
  • 6th to 10th positions: Stance Reveal + 2 Summoning Refunds
  • 11th to 25th positions: 2 Summoning Refunds

In addition to the prizes listed above, The Red Village is also setting aside 150 summoning refunds. The game will distribute these rewards according to the number of tickets that each barrack earns during the qualification period.

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