Etermon INO Set for March 3rd
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Etermon INO Set for March 3rd

Etermon INO is set to launch on the 3rd of March by 2 PM UTC. This initial NFT offering will take place on the DarePlay GameFi marketplace. With this INO taking place on DarePlay, Etermon already has a network of gamers that they can offer their project to. Below are the details of this NFT offering.

Details of the Etermon INO

In this offering, there will be two types of blind boxes available. This includes the common and ultimate boxes. Each box determines the rarity level of Eter NFTs that you will get. More so, there are 4 types of rarity levels for the blind boxes that will sell on DarePlay. They include: Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super Super Rare (SSR).

Common and Ultimate Boxes in Etermon INO

When you buy a common box, your chances of getting each of the following Eters include N : 70%, R: 25%, SR: 5%, SSR: 0%. However, they become N : 25%, R : 45%, SR : 29.9%, SSR : 0.1% when you buy an ultimate box. The blind boxes are NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. As such, Etermon will accept major BSC-based stablecoins like BUSD in this INO. Users that want to pay in USDT will have to use the BEP20 network.

Furthermore, there will be 500 Etermon blind boxes available for sale in this NFT offering. 350 boxes will be common box and will sell at $49 per box. On the other hand, the 150 ultimate boxes will go for $149 per box. Once the pool opens at 2 PM on March 3rd, everyone will be able to buy as many boxes as possible. The sale ends once Etermon sells out all the boxes.

About Etermon

Etermon is a 2D card battle game that uses the play to earn future of GameFi. You can play either PvP with other players or simply go PvE. In PvE, players team up with friends to defeat bosses. In any mode users choose to play, they can earn tokens with ease. With these tokens, they can continue upgrading your Eters in order to claim through the ranks. “Find the perfect formula” is the name of the game. This is because players have to combine wisely between 5 Elements and many abilities to get the best out of their monsters.

Etermon offers huge potential and enormous diversity for players to discover. The cartoonish characters and colourful world of Eternity creates a charming vibe. The NFT gaming market is already filled with plenty of projects. However, Etermon remains one of a few blockchain games to stand out in terms of strategic aspects.

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