GAMEE Releases New Arc8 Update
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GAMEE Releases New Arc8 Update

GAMEE has released a new Arc8 update as part of its recent upgrade plans. This patch note will usher in new features while improving existing ones. More so, this update is the first part of two major modifications scheduled for 2023. This first edition will feature 5 major additions.

Details of the New Arc8 Update

As mentioned above, there are 5 major components of this update. The first one is the introduction of Daily Leagues. GAMEE is introducing more rewarding measures for active players. Instead of just 1v1 battles, people can compete in leagues that will feature a leaderboard. People will either climb up or drop, depending on the amount of trophies that they earn.

The system will group 100 users from 1 PM UTC daily. These individuals will compete to finish at the top of the ratings. The top 10% will receive their compensation and gain promotion to a bigger league that has more significant rewards. Nevertheless, these new leagues will not affect player participation in GMEE tournaments.

The next feature of the upgraded version of Arc8 is the introduction of Streaks. As the name implies, people will earn rewards if they score back-to-back trophies from battles. The benefits increase as players extend their unbeaten run.

Meanwhile, an Energy Symbol will represent a user’s streak attempt. Everyone will get 3 streak attempts in a day, as this will ensure that the process is competitive. However, gamers will a Premium Pass can increase their upper limit to 4 streaks per day. Individuals who run out of energy can still buy a refill.

In addition, they can utilize the energy they won. People who are out of can also switch to playing training battles. However, the outcomes of these games will not influence their position n the leaderboard.

GAMEE is introducing better reward packs to encourage active participation. These benefits will cut across 1v1 victories and finishing in the top 10% of the daily league. The prizes include those listed below:

  • Coins
  • Luck
  • Energy
  • Gems

The Arc8 League

The Arc8 League

The most significant highlight of this new update is the Arc8 League. Unlike the daily leagues, this competition promises more significant rewards. Furthermore, contestants need to have the Arc8 League Pass before they can participate.

There are 555 league pass NFTs available for the maiden edition of this contest. Those who obtain them and join this competition stand to benefit from the following prizes:

  • 3,333 $USDT
  • 3,333 $GMEE
  • 3,333 $MATIC
  • 10 Mystery NFTs
  • 555 MATIC-themed G-Bot Starters
  • 20 BoomLand Genesis Chests
  • 555 Planet IX Starter Packs
  • 1Mystery NFT

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