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My Neighbor Alice Launched its Beta Season 1


  • My Neighbor Alice has launched the first beta season, aiming to advance towards decentralization and enhance the gaming experience.
  • Beta Season 1 introduces features to enhance social interaction and the economy within the game, according to the game director, Steve Haßenpflug.
  • The introduction of the emoticon system, enriching communication between players, and a trading system to promote a dynamic virtual economy are highlighted.

My Neighbor Alice has carried out the launch of the first beta season. This transition aims to deepen the path towards decentralization and the continuous improvement of the gaming experience for its users.

With Beta Season 1, My Neighbor Alice introduces features aimed at enhancing social interaction and economic dynamics within the game. Game director Steve Haßenpflug emphasized the importance of development. Stating that it represents the beginning of a new phase in the project and the fulfillment of commitments to the community.

One of the most anticipated features of Beta Season 1 is the introduction of the emoticon system. Allowing players to communicate more expressively and enrich social interaction in the game. Opening new avenues for players to connect and share experiences in the game universe.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Sets Course Towards Decentralization

Additionally, My Neighbor Alice introduces a trading system that allows players to buy and sell items within the game, promoting a more dynamic and participatory virtual economy. They aim to deepen immersion in the game and promote collaboration among users, strengthening the sense of community.

Along with these technical innovations, Beta Season 1 also brings new crafting stations, tool migration, and additional missions. Offering players more gameplay options and challenges to explore in the virtual world.

Looking ahead to the future of the platform. The development team aims to continue improving the gaming experience by introducing new features that deepen social interactions and promote player self-expression. All of this will be done in a fully decentralized environment. Prioritizing community participation and the expansion of user-generated content.

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