Axie Infinity The Homeland Gathering Showdown is Now Live
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Axie Infinity The Homeland Gathering Showdown is Now Live


  • The “Homeland Gathering Showdown” competition in Axie Infinity is ongoing.
  • Players compete for a sum of approximately 20,000 AXS.
  • The rarity of the land plots influences the rewards obtained during the event.

The “Homeland Gathering Showdown” competition in Axie Infinity is in full swing, offering players an exciting opportunity to compete for valuable rewards.

This two-week event, which began on April 17 and runs through May 3, focuses on collecting resources in the virtual world of Homeland.

During this period, players are tasked with gathering resources to obtain “Fortune Troves” and climbing the leaderboard to earn AXS, Axie Infinity’s native cryptocurrency.

The key to success lies in activating the daily “Individual Timer” for up to two hours.

During this time, each resource collected awards points to the corresponding plot, determined by the rarity of the resource.

The highlight of this event is the huge amount of AXS up for grabs, estimated at around 20,000 AXS, which will be distributed to the top players on the leaderboard at the end of the event.

Axie Infinity The Homeland Gathering Showdown is Now Live

Additional incentive introduced for players who own rarer Axie Infinity land plots

Higher rarity land parcels, such as Genesis-type ones, offer significantly higher rewards in terms of “Ancient Coins”, which can then be redeemed for AXS.

For example, Genesis type plots award 5,000 Ancient Coins for each Fortune Trove obtained, while Mystic type plots award 1,000 Ancient Coins per Trove.

The distribution of rewards also considers the collaboration between the owners of the plots and the administrators (“Stewards”) designated to manage them.

Depending on the delegation contracts and the points earned, the rewards are divided equally between both parties.

It is essential to remember that collection actions only count during the active period of the individual timer, which resets daily at 5 PM (GMT+7).

No unused time is accumulated, emphasizing the importance of careful planning to maximize profits.

The “Homeland Gathering Showdown” not only offers exciting gameplay challenges, but also valuable rewards that encourage strategy, collaboration and active participation of the Axie Infinity community in this fascinating blockchain universe.

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