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Axie Infinity Launches Origins Season 3 Mystic Era

Axie Infinity has launched the Origins Season 3 Mystic Era. It is the last stage of S3, and it features 50% of the entire prize pool. This comes after the end of the Epic Rare Eras. The team is introducing significant changes to ensure players get the best experience before the off-season kicks in.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origins Season 3 Mystic Era

The Mystic Era is the final lap of Origins S3. To properly sign-off, Sky Mavis is setting aside 56,200+ $AXS as incentives for players. This is half of the entire prize pool for season 3. In addition to the leaderboard compensation, users will also get double $SLP rewards during the course of this competition.

Starting from the 31st of March, contestants will earn twice the number of $SLP for completing different tasks. This will continue till the end of the season. Even better, it will be available to all ranks, including those who do not receive Smooth Love Potion normally. The team will update community members on this feature in the coming days. Therefore, follow the Lunaican blog for further updates.

Axie Infinity Launches Origins Season 3 Mystic Era

Starting from the 28th of March, Axie Infinity Origins Season 3 Mystic Era will run for the next 3 weeks. Through this series, the team has seen people create fantastic and diverse runes across multiple classes. The final lap is going to be even tougher and users will have to come up with their best to claim the prize. Speaking of rewards, up to 20,000 contestants will share from the total compensation.

Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is introducing a new and improved mystic moment. For those whoa re not conversant with it, mystic moment is a system where players can craft Mystic Runes or Charms with enough attempts. The team is upgrading the feature by increasing the number of Mystics in Season 3, using data from previous editions.

Bug Fixes and Further Improvements

As with traditional, Axie Infinity is making significant modifications to improve gameplay. One of them is correcting the damage calculation of Storm Shuriken and Exploding Bombshell. Similarly, Heaven’s Echoes now issues 20% bonus damage to players’ allies. The devs have also updated the formula for calculating shield, healing, and damage bonuses.

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