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Axie Infinity Origins Season 3: Rare Era Starts Today

There’s some good news for Origins fans. Axie infinity Origins Season 3: Welcome to the Rare Era, starting today! There are many updates to love and various changes to blow your mind.

Let’s dive in to see what the latest updates are about!

Revamped AXS Leaderboards

With every new season comes a new prize pool; for Season 3, the prize pool is a massive sum of 112,476.88 AXS. However, half of this sum is on the line during the Mystic Era. An essential season 3 update is that you must be in the top 20,000 to earn AXS rewards instead of the top 40,000. This single update has made the game ten times more competitive than before. 

You can visit the website to look at the updated AXS Leaderboard. 

List of Balancing Changes

The list of balancing changes for season 3 includes Plant, Beast, Reptile, Bird, Bug, Dusk, Dawn, Mech, Neutral, and Tool Cards, Runes, and Charms. You can find all of these updates on the official website of the game platform.

Furthermore, there’s a slight change in the scoring system. All Axies have 15 Potential Points to give gamers the options before equipping Charms. This update also contributes to a diverse meta. 

Changes to the ELO System

Previously, the Origins gameplay was loose and not as competitive as it should be. Now, to test the waters, Axie infinity Origins has introduced extended ELO. The ELO system will no longer apply to just the Challenger but also the Non-Challengers.

This simple change will allow a Non-Challenger to gain a full MMR and reduced MMR reduction on a loss. 

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Changes to Challenger Decay

Remember how you had to play just one game to avoid decay in the Challenger rank? Well, not anymore! Now, you will have to play five games to prevent decay. This change is a step to make the game more exciting and competitive. However, you will get higher rewards for each victory. 

Reworked the Stamina and Match Reward System 

Here is some update to make the players smile ear to ear. You can now earn double SLP rewards and 50% more Moonshards on each win at any rank. Furthermore, Origins has decreased the maximum stamina to almost half the previous 60. It’s 30 now. 

Bonus, rewards, and surprises! 

Your daily login bonuses are back if you are in the Rare Era! You can earn Moonshards, Rare boxes, or Rare Charms by logging in daily. 

Along with the daily login bonus, players will also get ranking-up rewards! With each rank reward, you climb higher on the leaderboard and even receive a special “oops” sticker on becoming a Level 4 Chick. 

Finally, the surprise! The two animated stickers, “cool!!!” and “dizzy from the ‘Seas The Day’ contest, are available for those pushing during the off-season leaderboard and contest. 

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