Wild Forest Announces Play to Airdrop Campaign
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Wild Forest Announces Play to Airdrop Campaign


  • A $WF token distribution system has been announced for the game Wild Forest.
  • The system will be based on an Honor leaderboard that will reward individual progress and personal achievements.
  • Players will be able to earn Honor by progressing in the Battle Pass, owning NFTs, and participating in the community.

Wild Forest, the long-awaited game that combines excitement and strategy in a mysterious forest environment, is set to revolutionize the way players interact with blockchain-based games.

With the recent announcement of their $WF token distribution system, the team behind Wild Forest has marked a major milestone on their path to launch.

The heart of this news lies in the concept of Honor, an innovative system designed to reward active and dedicated players.

This system, implemented through a leaderboard, will value the individual progress and personal achievements of each player.

This ensures that the distribution of $WF tokens is fair and equitable, avoiding any unfair advantages for older players or those with multiple accounts.

To earn Honor, players have multiple options at their disposal.

First, they can progress through the game’s Battle Pass, unlocking new rewards and challenges as they progress.

Additionally, possession of Wild Forest NFTs, whether Lords, Units, or Skins, will also grant players Honor.

Those who complete full sets of Skins or Units will be rewarded with additional bonuses in Wild Forest

Last but not least, active participation in the community, such as following the official social media, creating content for the game, or participating in the referral program, will also generate Honor for players.

Wild Forest Announces Play to Airdrop Campaign

This holistic approach to token distribution ensures that all players, whether veteran or newcomer, have the opportunity to earn significant rewards.

Additionally, the Wild Forest team is committed to creating a transparent and easy-to-understand system, with an intuitive interface that allows players to track their progress and position on the Honor leaderboard.

The announcement of the $WF token distribution system marks an exciting milestone on the road to the launch of Wild Forest.

With a focus on fairness and active community participation, this system promises to redefine the way players interact with blockchain-based games.

Players are eager to immerse themselves in this exciting forest world and start earning Honor as they explore everything the Wild Forest has to offer.

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