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Yield Guild Games (YGG) Teams Up with LongHash to Accelerate the Future of Web3 Gaming


  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) and LongHash Ventures have announced a strategic collaboration, aiming to propel web3 forward.
  • LongHash Ventures, with over 100 investments in web3 startups, joins as a token holder of YGG, playing a crucial role in the evolution of the guild protocol and the development of tokenomics focused on on-chain guild progression and quests.
  • Wei Shi Khai, co-founder of LongHash Ventures, anticipates YGG becoming “the tribe of tribes, the guild of guilds.”

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has announced a strategic collaboration with LongHash Ventures, a major investment fund and accelerator in the web3 space. LongHash Ventures is recognized for its expertise in building ecosystems for web3 protocols, joining as a token holder of YGG and actively contributing to the evolution of YGG’s guild protocol.

LongHash Ventures, comprised of cryptocurrency specialists, has backed over 100 web3 startups and raised significant investments for infrastructure and gaming companies in Asia, establishing itself as a leader in the sector. This partnership allows YGG to leverage LongHash’s experience to enhance its guild protocol and develop tokenomics around quests and on-chain guild progression.

Wei Shi Khai, co-founder of LongHash Ventures, expressed confidence that YGG will become “the tribe of tribes, the guild of guilds,” leading the charge in reimagining guilds, quests, and social gaming.

Yield Guild Games: The Guild of Guilds

Since its inception in 2020, YGG has played a crucial role in onboarding and retaining thousands of new players in games such as Axie Infinity: Origins and Pixels. Additionally, its innovations in concepts like Superquests and the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) have made a significant impact. GAP Season 4 saw a 147% increase in sign-ups compared to the previous season and 33,681 quest enrollments, a 243% increase.

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YGG’s introduction of on-chain reputation has revolutionized web3 gaming ecosystems, offering players opportunities to build their credibility as constructive contributors while providing developers with valuable insights into their community. These results translate into a steady increase in unique wallet numbers and social media engagement among partner games.

YGG’s network, spanning eight regions and connecting 3 million players, has established partnerships with 101 games and networks, solidifying its position as a guild of guilds that innovates systems to connect web3 players and discover new games together.

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