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JobTribes Releases New Type ANOTHER NFT

JobTribes has released a new type of ANOTHER NFT. This is a specialized digital asset that incorporates top-level skills like never before. Holders of this in-game item stand a better chance of overcoming difficult quests and earning $DEP. While unveiling this power-up, the team also hinted at its upcoming sale.

Details of the JobTribes New Type ANOTHER NFT

JobTribes New Type ANOTHER is an NFT designed for tough challenges like PVP and Labyrinth quests. It features the required skills necessary for completing the difficult levels and getting significant bonuses. They have higher basic stats than those of regular NORMAL digital assets.

Despite superiority, it costs lesser to improve the skills of ANOTHER NFTs when compared to NORMAL ones.  Most of these digital assets have a unique skill known as the “First Barrier”. This implies that your avatar will not sustain damage from the initial hit from your opponent for one turn.

However, not all these types of NFTs have this feature. Nonetheless, all of them have completed the first two levels before you purchase them. This gives their owners a significant advantage over those who one regular in-game items.

For those interested, these non-fungible tokens will become available for sale by 14:00 UTC+8 on the 15th of March. Buyers have from that date till 10:59 UTC+8 on the 22nd of March to purchase them. Even better, JobTribes will introduce new gaming content once they deploy these NFTs. This will increase the opportunities for players to earn $DEP.

JobTribes New Type ANOTHER NFTs

Meanwhile, there will be a PVP Cup titled ANOTHER BATTLE ARENA to celebrate this milestone. This event will run from the 29th to the 31st of March 2023. Within this period, there will not be a reward pool for regular player-vs-player contests. Instead, the team is setting aside a special reward that will be distributed among 1000 players.

Below is a breakdown of the prize pool:

  • 1st position: 500,000 DEAPcoin
  • 2nd position: 300,000 DEAPcoin
  • 3rd position: 200,000 DEAPcoin
  • 4th-10th position: 100,000 DEAPcoin
  • 11th-20th positions: 50,000D EAPcoin each
  • 21st to 30th positions: 30,000 DEAPcoin each
  • 31st to 40th positions: 20,000 DEAPcoin each
  • 41st to 50th positions: 10,000 DEAPcoin each
  • 51st-100th positions: 5,000 DEAPcoin each
  • 101st to 500th positions: 500D EAPcoins each
  • 501st to 1,000th positions: 100 DEAPcoin each

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