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Bit Hotel Partners with Babylons to Hold its INO on January 19

Bit Hotel, the social blockchain-based metaverse game, has announced its strategic partnership with Babylons, a community-governed blockchain gaming aggregator, to launch its INO. The INO referred to as the First Room Sale by the game platform, will take place on January 19, 2022, on the Babylons platform. 

Suffice to mention that the Bit Hotel game is the latest hype in NFT space and metaverse. It is an online-based social NFT game platform designed to use the Bit Hotel Coin as the governance token and in-game currency. Gamers will have the opportunity to collect NFT characters and items and display the same in their mini-games or room in the virtual space.

Highlights of the Bit Hotel INO Event

This is the first-floor INO sale for Bit Hotels and during the event, the items that will be listed include two-person room, starter studio, family room, extravagant studio, and comfortable studio. It should be noted that the price of each room differs and would depend on the size of the room. 

Additionally, the level of ranking of the room will also determine the intricate design and exquisiteness of the room. Each room would function as a chat room where owners can hang out, trade, and chat with other players. 

Also, players can fight in any of the mini-games so they can gain token rewards. Suffice to mention that gamers can withdraw these token rewards into their wallets.

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More Details about the Rooms and Pricings

A part of the NFTs will be available at $BTH and 25% discount prices. The $BTH price is calculated based on the exact liquidity pool during the sale. The rarity level of the rooms will also determine the price. For two-person room, the rarity is common and it will be sold at 500 BUSD. 24 units are available. 

24 units of the Family Room are also available and will be sold at 600 BUSD. The rarity level is also common. 16 Starter Studio are available at 1,000 BUSD for each. The rarity level is uncommon. 12 Comfortable Studio units with uncommon rarity are available at 2,000 BUSD each

20 Extravagant Studio units with uncommon rarity are available and each unit will be sold for 3,300 BUSD. To get more details on how to participate in the event, it is recommended that you follow Bit Hotel and Babylons social media handles.

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