Derby Stars Patch Note Ver 0.7.9
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Derby Stars Launches Early Access Patch Note Ver 0.7.9

Derby Stars has issued the patch note ver 0.7.9 upgrade of its recently launched game. On the 27th of February, the team launched an early access edition of gameplay. Shortly after that release, the devs noticed some glitches that were affecting the gaming experience. The devs initiated an upgrade to correct player concerns.

Considering that this testnet will run for three weeks (27th February to 20th March), it was important to ensure a seamless gameplay experience. In addition, the press release stated that this is the first patch note. This implies that there will be further improvements and fixes as the devs discover other defaults.

Improvements in the Derby Stars Patch Note Ver 0.7.9

Besides ensuring glitch-free gaming, Derby Stars Patch Note Ver 0.7.9 introduces a mini-game. Users can play it using the left and right-clicking options on their mouse, as it corresponds to the arrows within the game. Meanwhile, the team has renamed Victory Points in the training mode to Training Points. This will ensure that players do not mistake them for Victory Points in the PVP Mode.

Derby Stars Patch Note Mini Game

Speaking of gameplay, winged horses will display their wing effects at the beginning of every race. Furthermore, the game will automatically choose your previous selection of Talent in Training and PVP modes. This way, you do not have to manually reconfigure them every time. Nonetheless, you can still make adjustments at your discretion.

There is now a button on the home screen that redirects you to the FAQ page. This ensures that navigation is easier for first-timers who are not yet conversant with the system. Furthermore, players can also check the ranking of other users’ horses on the PVP leaderboard by clicking on their nickname.

Below are the bugs fixed in Derby Stars Patch Note Ver 0.7.9:

  • Incorrect translations.
  • Error messages appear when you click a button many times in the mini-game.
  • Too fast or too slow victory pose after a race.
  • Cutting off horse names in race results.
  • Login issues that replace commas with decimal points.
  • Local contest results appear as the background of race results.
  • Glowing floor in the training screen.
  • Races continuing when users minimize the game.
  • PVP screen not displaying properly in certain resolutions.

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