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Madballs Avatars Coming to The Sandbox Metaverse in Less than 24 Hours!

Are you a fan of utterly disgusting and downright ridiculous avatars? If you are, celebrate the day, as there are less than 24 hours left before the unique and bizarre Madballs Avatars enter the metaverse of The Sandbox Game!

The Sandbox and Madballs have partnered to bring the nastiest avatar collection with over 20 handcrafted character animations. You can choose from a massive range of disgusting and unique collectible characters.

Here is everything you need to know about this collaboration.

Choose from a Wide Range of Disgusting Characters

You can now choose from over 80 collectible Madballs, your favorite ridiculously bizarre characters. There are over twenty unique animations for all the fans out there, the first time in the history of The Sandbox.

You can claim your avatar and be the one nasty metaverse fellow. But, these aren’t just to show your bizarreness. They allow you to play and earn SAND, participate in different events, and even prank your friends in The Sandbox.

Generate Random Avatars with unique Traits

Whether you like the gas-filled Foul Mouth or the slime-covered Gross Out, there’s one unique character for everyone! You can build your collection from various OG hand-crafted Madballs collectibles.

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Customized 80s Madball Avatars

Are you an 80’s Madballs freak? Well, these avatars have the most grotesque and unique 80s vibe. Each avatar is wacky, contains the signature look, and brings the much-needed subversive humor to the metaverse. But what’s even better? You can choose your cast and choose from a set of 24 animations. It will be utterly disgusting to rule the metaverse with your favorite cast possessing the most unique and exclusively developed character animation.

Total number of Madball Avatars

There are around 2023 ghastly avatars minted to celebrate the Madball Avatars. In addition to that, forty NFTs will be reserved for the Sandbox and Madballs.

How can you get one avatar?

You can mint an avatar from the game platform. The allowlist begins in less than 24 hours, on March 7th at 2 pm UTC. If you become an allowlist user, you can mint two avatars maximum per wallet within 24 hours. Each avatar costs 100 SAND.

However, there will be another public sale on 8th March, where users can mint up to four avatars per wallet. Check out all the details on their website.

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