Apeiron Announces Major Updates for Guild Wars
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Apeiron Announces Major Updates for Guild War


  • The online qualifiers for Apeiron Guild Wars (AGW) are over! Top guilds from North America and Southeast Asia will compete in invitationals for a shot at the $1 million prize pool.
  • Guilds will battle in live regional events followed by grand finals in Hong Kong. Top-seeded guilds get a bye to the main stage!
  • Not just for the winners! Apeiron rewards participation with in-game goodies and cosmetics for high-ranking guilds on the online leaderboard.

Apeiron, the innovative web3 god game, continues to raise the bar for competitive play with exciting updates to their flagship tournament, Apeiron Guild Wars (AGW). The first-ever Apeiron Guild Wars concluded its online qualifiers on June 25th, 2024.

Guilds across Southeast Asia (SEA) and North America (NA) battled it out on the Guild PvP leaderboard for a chance to compete for a staggering $1 million prize pool, the largest Apeiron tournament to date.

The online qualifiers were just the beginning. The SEA Invitational is set for July 11th to 14th, followed by the NA Invitational from July 18th to 21st. These invitationals will see the top contenders from each region fight for a coveted spot in the AGW finals.

Grand Finals Set for Hong Kong with Live Audience

The culmination of AGW 2024 will be an epic live event held in Hong Kong sometime in Q3 of 2024. The top 12 guilds, six from each region, will clash in a double-elimination bracket tournament. Notably, the top four seeded guilds will receive a bye in the first round, advancing directly to the main stage.

The $1 million prize pool promises a thrilling competition, with the top guilds vying for their share of a life-changing payout. Half of the prize pool, a cool $500,000, will be distributed amongst the top finishers.

Apeiron Announces Major Updates for Guild Wars

Beyond the Grand Prize: A Celebration of Competitive Guilds

Apeiron isn’t just focusing on the top finishers. They’ve implemented a tiered reward system, ensuring participation is rewarded throughout the tournament. Guilds that are placed high on the online leaderboard will receive in-game rewards and exclusive cosmetics. This not only incentivizes broader participation but also fosters a sense of community and accomplishment for all players.

What the Future Holds for Web3 Gaming

With the online qualifiers complete, the anticipation for the upcoming invitationals and grand finals is palpable. Apeiron Guild Wars is shaping up to be a phenomenal event, showcasing the talents of the game’s most skilled guilds and offering a glimpse into the future of competitive web3 gaming.

The focus on community building, rewarding participation, and a hefty prize pool sets a high standard for future tournaments within the rapidly growing web3 gaming space.

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