Dustland Halloween Quests
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Dustland Halloween Quests Goes Live

In the spirit of the Spooky season, Dustland has launched its Halloween Quests. Anyone who holds a Benji Bananas, Anibear or DEFY NFT can participate in this event. The available runs include Pumpkin, Vampire, Zombie, Devil, Chucky Bettlejuice and Anonymous Quests.

Details of the Dustland Halloween Quests

Dustland Halloween Quests will run from 12:00 UTC+8 on the 19th o October till the 27th of October 2022. During this period, selected individuals will engage in the runs mentioned above. They will install the Runner App, create an account and choose a level that matches their ability and endurance. Players can go alone or in groups with other Dustcaps.

Before participating, ensure that you meet or have the following requirements:

  • The right Dustland App (Rider or Runner).
  • Dustland account.
  • A Twitter account.
  • Fit enough to walk or run at least 2 km for each mission.
  • A Metamask.

How to Participate in the Dustland Halloween Quests

How to Join the Dustland Halloween Quests

Once you have the items listed above, follow these steps:

  • Choose your quest group: There are currently 8 available runs, each with its requirements. Choose and complete the 5 activities within the one you prefer. While some trails are open to every user, others require that users hold certain NFTs.
  • Submit your quest: After completing all 5 quests, submit your result via Crew3 before 12:00 UTC+8 on 27 October 2022. Failure to complete this step will render your submission incomplete, and you will not be rewarded.
  • Complete the Google Form: After submitting your results, ensure to fill out this Google form before 27 October 2022. Similar to the prior step, this submission is crucial for recording your participation and receiving payoffs.

There are 60 prizes spread across different pools. Below are the different categories:

Pool #1

This pool is for players who complete every quest in their group. 15 users will share 5 Operation Ape Passes, 5 units of $200 worth of $DOSE and 5 Merchandise.

Pool #2

This category is for the 3 fastest players to complete their different quests. The first position will receive $200 worth of $DOSE, while the second and third will get 150 USD and 100 USD worth, respectively.

Pool #3

22 Ape Pass Holders will share the following:

  • 10 units of 30 USD worth of $DOSE
  • 5 merchandise
  • 1 Rare Floppy Disk NFT
  • 1 Uncommon Floppy Disk NFT
  • 3 Common Floppy Disk NFTs
  • 1 Capsule from the Adidas Originals Collection NFT
  • 1 KaijuKing NFT

Pool #4

This category is the 20 players with partner NFTs who complete their quests. 10 of them will receive Operation Ape Passes and the rest will get 30 USD worth of $DOSE.

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