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Ripper Grabs NFT Mint Set for October 26th

AFL has announced that Ripper Grabs NFT mint will take place on the 26th of October 2022. This collection features some remarkable moments in the 2022 Toyota AL Premiership Season. It ranges from game-defining grabs and high-flying hangers to courageous species. It also includes hanging time with players like Joe Daniher, Bobby Hill, Toby Greene, Mitch Georgiades, and many more.

All You Need to Know About the Ripper Grabs NFT Mint

The Ripper Grabs NFT mint features 27,275 moments across 4,400 packs. Users can get up to 50 moments in this drop at 1 unit per mint and 2% per pack odds. This drop will use a system to allocate numbers to users randomly. Buyers will see serial digits like 13, 26, 178, 203, etc, on the pack they purchase. After the minting, they will use these numbers to claim the corresponding NFTs.

This mint will include the following categories of assets:

  • Common: These are fundamental moments in this season. The chances of getting this in your pack are 25 out of 50.
  • Deluxe: Although they are not the most iconic, they still feature moments where De Koning and Lynch launch into the sky.
  • Ovation: They are the rarest NFTs in this collection and offer only the best moments of the 2022 season. They include displays from Saad, Greene, Danhier and many more.

Breakdown of Ripper Grabs NFT Mint Collection

Ripper Grabs NFT Packs

25,000 moments and 88 Genesis Balls in this drop will be obtainable. While the additional 2,275 will be burned. 400 units will be set aside for promotional and marketing purposes. The breakdown includes 200 units of 5-packs and 200 units of *8s.

Below are the different prices for each pack:, according to the number of moments that they hold

  • 2 Moments Pack – A$19
  • 5 moments Pack – A$49
  • 8 Moments Pack – A$79

As expected, these packs have different odds of getting the moments shown above. This is a breakdown of what you may likely get in each collection:

A$19 Pack of 2

  • Total items in this drop – 500
  • Ovation Probability – 0.5%
  • Deluxe Probability – 2.5%
  • Common Probability – 97%
  • Genesis Ball probability –  2%

A$49 Pack of 5

  • Total items in this drop – 2,200
  • Ovation Probability – 1%
  • Deluxe Probability – 5%
  • Common Probability – 94%
  • Genesis Ball probability –  2%

A$79 Pack of 8

  • Total items in this drop – 1,300
  • Ovation Probability – 2%
  • Deluxe Probability – 8%
  • Common Probability – 90%
  • Genesis Ball probability –  2%

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