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Everdome Mars Theater Grand Opening is Tomorrow!


Everdome is preparing for the opening of the Mars Theater, located on the eighth floor of the Everdome City headquarters. Designed for an immersive experience, it will open its doors tomorrow, May 23.

The theater will feature a large cinema screen for movies, music shows, and interactive live events, with a capacity for almost one hundred people.

There will be a continuous schedule of screenings, with shows every two hours for users in different time zones.

A new expansion is coming to the Everdome (DOME) universe with the opening of its latest addition: the Mars Theater. Located on the eighth floor of the Everdome City headquarters, it is designed to provide an immersive entertainment experience in the metaverse. The opening is scheduled for tomorrow, May 23.

The Mars Theater will offer a complete immersion through a large cinema screen. In this space, movies and music shows can be viewed. Additionally, it will serve as a stage for interactive live events. The main screen is complemented by a stage area where presenters can interact directly with the audience through question and answer sessions or present events live.

The theater has a capacity to accommodate almost one hundred people, distributed over two levels: a lower floor with conventional seating and a balcony that offers a panoramic view of the screen. However, one of the most outstanding features of the Mars Theater is the freedom of movement it allows attendees. Unlike traditional theaters, viewers in Everdome will be able to move freely around the hall. Interacting with other users and exploring different viewing angles.

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Everdome Prepares Multiple Functions So No One Is Left Out

To ensure that all users have the opportunity to enjoy the events, Everdome has prepared a continuous schedule of screenings. Shows will start every two hours throughout the day, allowing users from different time zones to find a suitable time to join. Additionally, more details about the programming and access times will be announced in the coming days. The full event schedule can be consulted at the theater entrance, and a preview of upcoming content will be available on a screen near the entrance.

The company has been working hard to add new features, areas, and spaces to its metaverse. Offering users increasingly immersive experiences. The Evernauts community receives constant updates and is eager to explore this new space.

Everdome continues to expand its entertainment offerings, building a dynamic and immersive metaverse. The Mars Theater will provide a place where technology and creativity meet to deliver unique experiences to its users.

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