Wild Forest Pre-Release Sale Is Now Live!
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Wild Forest Pre-Release Sale Is Now Live!


  • The pre-sale of NFTs from Wild Forest is underway, starting with whitelist holders.
  • Whitelist holders have 4 hours to purchase before the packs are available for public sale.
  • The packs include the NFT collection of Wild Forest Spirit.

The pre-sale of NFTs from Wild Forest is causing a stir among whitelist holders.

This exclusive event offers the opportunity to obtain the coveted packs from the Wild Forest Spirit NFT collection before anyone else.

With a 4-hour time limit, whitelist holders have the first chance to secure these unique packs offering a mix of NFT units and skins, with the possibility of including rare Lord NFTs.

Anticipation is high as fans rush to acquire these packs, aware that any unsold packs during the whitelist phase will be available for public sale.

This exclusive opportunity represents an exciting way for players and collectors to immerse themselves in the world of the game before its global launch on Ronin this summer.

Wild Forest, developed by the team behind the acclaimed game Mushroom Wars 2, promises to offer a unique real-time strategy experience that will captivate players seeking a blend of fun and competition.

The collaboration with the Zillion Whales team, known for their track record in creating high-quality strategic games, further raises expectations for the global launch of the game.

With the pre-sale underway and excitement growing, fans are eager to join this new adventure in the world of blockchain gaming.

The community eagerly awaits the official launch this summer and is ready to dive into a universe full of exciting challenges and unique NFT collection opportunities.

Exploring the Next Era of Blockchain Gaming with Wild Forest

The pre-sale of NFTs from Wild Forest marks an exciting milestone on the path to mass adoption of blockchain games.

With the promise of an innovative gaming experience backed by blockchain technology, Wild Forest is at the forefront of this evolution.

The potential of NFTs to transform ownership and the economy within games is evident in this pre-sale, where players have the opportunity to own unique and scarce digital assets that may have lasting value in the market.

This event not only highlights the growing popularity of blockchain games but also demonstrates the power of the community in driving the adoption and success of these projects.

As we venture into a new era of digital gaming, Wild Forest and similar projects are paving the way for a future where ownership of virtual assets is truly decentralized and where players have greater control over their gaming experiences.

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