Ronin Announces That Tribesters’ Keeper of Secrets Alpha is Now Live on Mavis Hub
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Ronin Announces That Tribesters’ Keeper of Secrets Alpha is Now Live on Mavis Hub


  • Alpha Launch: Tribes Studio has released the alpha version of ‘Keeper of Secrets’ (KOS), a mini-game within the social MMO ‘Island of Solas,’ which allows players to delve into the lore through quests in ‘The Ancient Village.’
  • NFT Access: Early access to KOS Alpha is granted to owners of Tribes Studio NFTs, with the Community NFT available for purchase and the Common NFT free via specific steps until May 23rd, offering benefits like exclusive raffles and KUDOS points.
  • Ronin’s Blockchain: Ronin, leveraging the Ethereum Virtual Machine for its blockchain, supports a player-owned economy in gaming, with Ronin’s success exemplified by ‘Axie Infinity’ and plans to back more Web3 gaming projects.

Tribes Studio, a pioneering game studio, has joined the Ronin movement to develop a social MMO titled ‘Island of Solas.’ Today marks a significant milestone as they launch the alpha version of ‘Keeper of Secrets’ (KOS), a mini-game within ‘Island of Solas.’ KOS is designed to unveil each Tribe’s story through a series of quests, offering players an immersive experience in the game’s lore.

Exploring the Ancient Village in KOS Alpha

The first episode of KOS, ‘The Ancient Village,’ invites players to explore various zones, each presenting unique challenges and rewards, including KUDOS points. Players are encouraged to complete quests that contribute to the overarching narrative of the Tribesters and engage in activities such as resource gathering, crafting, and farm management to progress in the game.

Early Access and NFT Ownership

Ronin Announces That Tribesters’ Keeper of Secrets Alpha is Now Live on Mavis Hub

Early access to KOS provides players with the chance to earn additional KUDOS points before the public launch. Access is exclusive to owners of Tribes Studio NFTs. Two types of NFTs grant access: the Tribesters Community NFT and the Tribesters Common NFT. 

The Community NFT is available for purchase on Mavis Market, while the Common NFT can be obtained for free by following a series of steps on the GG Portal before May 23rd.

The Utility of the Tribesters Common NFT

The Common NFT, which players can earn for free, offers a range of benefits within the Tribesters ecosystem. These include access to ‘The Ancient Village,’ entry into exclusive raffles, the ability to earn KUDOS points, participation in weekly contests, community events, and AMAs every Friday.

Ronin’s Vision for Web3 Gaming

Ronin’s blockchain, based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, enables developers worldwide to create games with a player-owned economy. 

Known for its cheap and fast transactions, Ronin has already seen success with ‘Axie Infinity,’ a play-to-earn game that has gained popularity in the blockchain gaming market. With an active development team, Ronin is poised to support many more projects in the future, further solidifying its position in Web3 gaming.

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