The Sandbox About to Get Bigger with LaMelo Ball’s Universe
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The Sandbox About to Get Bigger with LaMelo Ball’s Universe

NBA star LaMelo Ball’s universe is coming to life in the metaverse. So, The Sandbox is going to work with Playground to make it a reality.

The duo aims to create a unique digital place for LaMelo’s fans. So, they will be able to interact, play in, and view his world like never before. The duo will work on making it a major source of fun. However, it will also educate fans on how to use blockchain technology safely and effectively.

The Sandbox Will Kick Things Off with Meloverse

The first event, Meloverse, will open on April 17th and run until May 1st. It will have Melo’s Social Hub, which will include 19 unique quests about some of Melo’s biggest hobbies. Participants who complete all the quests will receive a Mystery Box as a reward. The Meloverse event is also part of the March Festival event’s progression system. So, all winners will share a 100,000 SAND pool as a guaranteed reward.

The Sandbox’s Sebastien Borget’s Comments

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of the game platform said, “LaMelo Ball is a transfigurative personality who strongly engages with fans through social media, and we cannot wait to see what kinds of engagement he will be able to create with his community in Sandbox.” He also said that “The new social hub is just the beginning of a brand-new space for LaMelo’s community to play, socialize, and express themselves.”

The Sandbox Will Kick Things Off with Meloverse

Requirements to Join the Event

Anyone with a Sandbox account can be a part of the Meloverse event. To register for the prize pool, the participants must have two things covered. A KYC’d account on The Sandbox website and completing all the quests in the Meloverse event. All winners will share 100,000 SAND, and participants who complete at least one quest will receive a Meloverse Memorabilia. This will be a badge on their profile, which will grant them some benefits in the future.

Understanding Why Choosing The Sandbox Plays a Key Role

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual gaming world where players can buy, sell, and create virtual assets using blockchain. It offers a unique experience where players can own and sell their creations. So, its partnership with Playground will provide fans of LaMelo Ball with a new way to experience his world. The Sandbox provides a secure and transparent way for players to interact with each other and own their virtual assets.

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