Mines of Dalarnia Issues Community Update on Recent Security Breach
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Mines of Dalarnia Issues Community Update on Recent Security Breach

Earlier in April, Mines of Dalarnia suffered a security breach. Luckily for the team, they were able to recover most of the stolen assets from the scammer’s wallet. In this regard, the game is issuing a community update.

This involves the system it will employ to return these NFTs to their rightful owners in the correct amounts. It also includes plans to further ensure safety and avoid a recurrence of a similar threat. The team also outlined what players should expect. Doing this will ensure that the entire process is very transparent.

Details of the Mines of Dalarnia Community Update

Mines of Dalarnia Community Update highlights plans to migrate to a new blockchain. This move was touted to occur later this year. With the security breach, however, the team is starting the process much earlier. The migration will take between two and three months to be completed. Within this period, players may not be able to access or utilize certain features.

Meanwhile, there are still internal discussions and research to ascertain the new blockchain. MOD will consider factors like compatibility, transaction costs, security, convenience, and multichain NFT support before making a final decision.

In the meantime, a screenshot of all wallets was taken by 14:30 UTC on the 13th of April. The reason is there will be migrations of digital assets off-chain. This is part of the process to ensure security. Nonetheless, players will still be able to access and utilize these virtual items during gameplay.

During this process, people will be unable to trade their NFTs on external marketplaces. However, they can resume buying and selling NFTs when the game migrates to a new blockchain. In addition, anyone who was affected by the recent security breach will also receive compensation in due time. However, Mines of Dalarnia will provide further details in due time.

Details of the Mines of Dalarnia Community Update

While issuing this press release, the team reassured community members that operations will continue. The closed testnet for Ape holders will still go on as planned. Even update 1.3 will still be released this month. More so, those who lost their $DAR tokens will receive a refund by next week.

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