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Gensokishi And Symbiogenesis Collaborate in an Exclusive NFT Event


  • Square Enix and GENSO announce the second edition of the SYMBIOGENESIS event due to high public demand.
  • The event focuses on NFT art and aims to promote the WEB3 industry by combining the resources and expertise of both companies.
  • Participants will be able to collect NFTs in SYMBIOGENESIS and GensoKishi Online to create collaboration teams through synthesis.

The renowned Japanese video game company Square Enix has announced the realization of the second edition of the collaboration event SYMBIOGENESIS, in partnership with GENSO, due to overwhelming demand from the public. This event, focused on NFT art, aims to promote the WEB3 industry by combining the resources and expertise of both companies.

During this collaboration event, participants will have the opportunity to collect NFTs available in both SYMBIOGENESIS and GensoKishi Online, and use them to create NFT collaboration teams through a synthesis process. This alliance seeks not only to engage existing followers of both platforms but also to attract new users by offering them a unique experience.

The collaboration will consist of two main parts. In the first part, players can participate in a treasure hunt in SYMBIOGENESIS. Where they must collect specific items to obtain the NFT “Spirit’s Memory Bottle.” On the other hand, in the second part of the event, which will take place in GensoKishi Online, players must defeat monsters from limited-time events to obtain the NFT “Cliff Corn.”

These NFTs obtained during the event will be used to craft exclusive cosplay equipment in the GENSO market. However, it is important to note that there is a limitation on the issuance of this collaboration equipment. Once the limit is reached, it will no longer be available for synthesis.

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Gensokishi and Square Enix Provide Different Paths to Obtain Prizes

In addition to the main activities of the event. Square Enix and GENSO have announced two additional campaigns to provide more opportunities for participants to win prizes. The first is the Follow and Retweet Campaign. Which will allow users to earn the NFT “Cliff Corn” simply by following and retweeting information about the event. The second is the AMA Viewing Campaign. Where viewers can earn NFTs by participating in a live question and answer session.

SYMBIOGENESIS is a global NFT art project created by Square Enix with the aim of exploring new possibilities in the world of Web3 and encouraging the participation of holders and players. With this second collaboration. Both companies hope to continue expanding their influence in the industry and offer innovative experiences to their community of followers.

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