Genopets Season 1: Unleash the Power of Style Set Bonuses
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Genopets Season 1: Unleash the Power of Style Set Bonuses

Genoverse is back with Season 1, and it’s adding many new items to the game. Style Set Bonuses are one of the most popular additions, and players get to enhance their Genopets in new ways.

But what exactly are Style Set Bonuses, and how do they work?

What Are Style Set Bonuses?

Style Set Bonuses are unique enhancements that add to the individual Augments on your Genopet. By merging Augments from the same Style Set, you can unlock an extra Stat Boost or Special Game Ability. Each Set has specific Augments that share similar looks, and you can place them on your Genopet’s body.

The Three Set Bonuses in Genopets

Season 1 adds three Set Bonuses that can redefine your game. The Jurassic Set Bonus has Tail, Wing, Mane, and Eye Augments, and they give a +15% speed boost. The Aviana Set Bonus, consisting of Tail, Wing, and Antennae Augments, offers a +10% HP boost as well.

The Cetacia Set Bonus has Tail, Wing, and Ear Augments, and it offers a decent +4 points to each stat. So, this improves your Genopet’s overall performance.

The Three Set Bonuses in Genopets

How to Harness the Potential of Style Set Bonuses?

To take advantage of Style Set Bonuses, all Augments within the set must be present on your Genopet during use. If you’re getting ready for a Step Battle or other items to come later, do not forget to add Augments. This will let you harness the max ability of your Genopet in fights.

The Genesis Set Bonus in Genopets

Season 1 Augments are all unique designs. However, Genesis Augments is a series that will create a Style Set. There’s no information so far from the team about which Augments will join this Set or their bonuses. However, the Genesis Set Bonus will be quite valuable to most players and your strategy will benefit from it.

Augments for Everyone

Finally, the web2 players using the app will also see the launch of a marketplace when the Road to Market ends. So, you can still enjoy the game fully, even if you don’t have a crypto wallet or interest in Web3. All players will get to buy Augments and use them on their Genopets and battle on the platform equally.

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