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PlayMining Set to Launch a New Game – Menya Dragon Ramen

The play-to-earn game platform, PlayMining, has announced its plan to launch a new game title – Menya Dragon Ramen – on October 5, 2022.

The game will allow players to earn DEAPcoin ($DEP) based on the total Ramen Sales Points they earn in a season. Each season equals a month.

Highlights of the Menya Dragon Ramen Game Mechanism and Earnings

Players must cook and sell ramen noodles to collect Ramen Sales PointsPlayers will earn DEAPbills for each fixed Ramen Sales Point they earn. They can then exchange the DEAPbills for DEAPchecks at the end of each month, which is the completion of a season. 

After the exchange, players will receive their DEAPchecks on the 15th day of the following money. However, they will instantly receive their DEAPcoins when they convert their DEAPchecks to get DEAPcoin. 


According to the game platform, players can obtain the ingredients for ramen randomly by challenging dungeons with the employees and conquering the monsters. It is worth mentioning that Ramen Sales Points fluctuate based on the parameters of the created ramen and bonuses generated. 

Therefore, players must pay attention to the compatibility and combination of ingredients. The parameters are often higher when players use rare ingredients. That means you must use strong employees to clear dungeons with rare ingredients.

Highlights of the Amount of DEP Rewards in Menya Dragon Ramen

The game will start with Season 1 immediately after the launch and the rewards for the first season may be different from subsequent seasons. Here are the highlights of the estimated DEP rewards for every rarity of NFT employees in Season 1:

  • R – 36 DEP to 378 DEP per month
  • SR – 378 DEP to 1260 DEP per month
  • SSR – 1260 DEP to 2520 DEP per month
  • UR – 2520 DEP to 3600 DEP per month

It is worth mentioning that the volume of DEP a player can earn depends significantly on the player’s skills and the training status of their employee NFTs. When you use employee NFTs with higher rarity, it will boost your chance of earning higher point ramen because they can conquer higher difficulty-level dungeons to obtain rarer ingredients. 

PlayMining revealed its plan to hold regular events four months after the launch of Menya Dragon Ramen with the first holding in January 2023. The events will offer users the chance to compete with others to earn higher DEP than they would in normal gameplay.

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