Explore Acrobatic Skills in The Sandbox Multiplayer Parkour Game Jam
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Explore Acrobatic Skills in The Sandbox Multiplayer Parkour Game Jam

The Multiplayer Parkour Game Jam is an exciting event for gamers to show their creativity and skills in the Sandbox game. The competition tests speed, agility, and strategy in making a cool game that has a shock and awe effect.

The Sandbox offers limitless possibilities for gamers. So, it can be a fast and competitive experience or a more relaxed, and fun adventure.

The Sandbox Announces Rewards for Game Jam

The Rewards for the Game Jam are quite huge. The top entries will share 50,000 SAND and first place will get 10,000 and potential onboarding to the Game Maker Fund. There is 6,000 SAND for 2nd place; 3,500 SAND for 3rd place, and 1,500 SAND for the 4th to the 10th place. There is also 1,000 SAND each for the Best Idea and Best Design categories. Participation Awards of 100 SAND will go to the first 100 participants that did not place in the top 10 but did everything else correctly.

Event Dates for Multiplayer Parkour Game Jam

The event begins on April 17th, 2023, and the deadline to submit entries is May 7th, 2023, 3 pm UTC. Gathering and voting on games will take place from May 8th to May 21st, 2023. So, the results will come out on May 27th, 2023. Participants must use the Game Maker software and version GM 0.8.2, but they can use assets they’ve created. The game must have some playability and be unique, and not a direct copy of any existing experience.

The Sandbox Metaverse Announces Rewards for Game Jam

Entry Submissions Process for Game Jam

Participants must use the Game Maker Gallery feature as a form of submission and remember to sign up in the form.

Participants must use at least 25 different assets. So, the game length should be at least five minutes (without timed collection quests). A 20-point scale will be used, and it will have four categories. These are, overall creative idea, level design, game design, and playability, and each has 5 points. Games must be made after the start date, and The Sandbox staff can remove any entry they want.

Who Can Join The Sandbox Parkour Game Jam Event?

Anyone who can create an account at The Sandbox can enter the event. You cannot use assets that are not yours. You can work independently or as a team/studio of no more than four members. Download the Game Maker and VoxEdit software from official links to work. Additionally, you can find tutorials for Game Maker and VoxEdit software on the official website of the platform and Discord.

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