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Sinverse Releases Details of its License Sale v2

The first R-Rated Mafia Metaverse, Sinverse, has released comprehensive details on its exclusive License Sale V2 scheduled to go live on Thursday, August 25 at 21:00 UTC. The game metaverse reveals that it will only release the sale link right before the sale launch.

According to Sinverse, due to the size of both the Hills and Silicon Valley districts, and the nature of the Sin City Center district, it will exclusively sell the licenses during the mint for the districts. The price for each license is 7000 $SIN, and there will not be any whitelist features for the sale event.

Since only a small volume is available for the Hills and Silicon Valley Districts, the licenses will occupy about a third of the land for minting. The game platform will release further details on the use cases of the districts within the next forty-eight hours.


How to Buy Sinverse License

Step 1: Interested buyers should log in to the License Office and then to Metamask. Next, click on “Sign in with Metamask”. Note that Trust Wallet is also available.

Step 2Connect your Metamask wallet and select the type of license you want to buy from the “Explore” tab.

Step 3: Click “Buy License” once you decide on the district. Note that you can only buy a business license per time.

Step 4: You will see a pop-up screen. Click “Buy Now” to activate your Metamask, and click “Confirm” after the activation process.

Step 5: Wait for the ‘Approving License” to get confirmed and navigate to “View Profile” to view the license you purchased. If you want to buy more licenses, follow the same process from steps one to five.

Sinverse mentioned that it has temporarily disabled its marketplace in the license office. That is because it is currently working on integrating each active API into its Metaverse and marketplace. 

Who can buy the Licenses?

The sale of the licenses is open to everyone. However, it is crucial to note that buyers need to pair their licenses with land plots to generate improved revenue opportunities. That means you would need to buy a plot of land from the secondary market if you don’t own land in the districts.

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