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Campos Racing and Open Games Builders Partner to Build a Metaverse

Campos Racing, a Spanish racing team, has partnered with Open Games Builders to create a digital metaverse. According to Campos Racing, the team is delighted to join forces with the innovative technology enterprise that specializes in creating immersive Web3 environments and metaverse.

The partnership is poised to birth an interactive, virtual world developed on the history and legacy of Campos Racing. While talking about the new development, the team mentioned that the metaverse will feature state-of-the-art 3D visuals and audio.

It will enable players and fans to explore the immersive history of Campos via virtual representations of popular F1 circuits globally. It will also showcase legendary drivers, such as Fernando Alonso, the tracks, and team garages.

What to Expect from the Innovative Digital Racing Metaverse

According to Open Games Builders, the plan is to build upon the virtual models already in place to create a formula racing game for Campos Racing. The new metaverse will offer a platform where players can take part in virtual races and earn NFTs as rewards.

campos racing

The enterprise reiterated that NFTs have opened up a new field of engagement for racing enthusiasts and gamers. It offers the potential to build an online economy that rewards gamers for their gaming success.

Open Games Builders specializes in teaming up with Web2 organizations and luxury brands to create immersive experiences in Web3 and the Metaverse. It further reaffirmed its commitment to offering an immersive and exciting experience for the Campos and its numerous followers and fans.

What to Know about Campos Racing and Open Games Builders

Campos Racing is a Spanish motor racing team established by former Formula 1 driver, Adrian Campos. The team has enjoyed success in Formula 3 and the GP2 Series since its inception. The partnership between Campos and Open Games Builders will create a new approach to the sport.

Additionally, the creation of a vibrant metaverse is sure to boost the popularity of the game further. The platform has also affirmed that combing forces with new technologies is its way of adapting to the future.

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