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SinVerse License Sale Set for 2nd Half of March

The SinVerse License sale will take place in the second half of March 2022. This license sale comes after the successful sale of SinVerse Lands. This event will enhance the Potential of its metaverse and increase user adoption. Here are the details of this sale.

Details of the SinVerse License Sale

A week before the Launch, SinVerse will announce the exact date of the License sale. It will take place on the bespoke License Office. There will be a whitelist sale before the general sale. Users who are able to get whitelisting spots will get licenses at a fixed price. Also, they will obtain theirs much earlier than others. After the private sale, what is left will be sold for auction. However, the floor price will be higher than the whitelist price.

This sale will have a positive effect on demand within SinVerse. Reason being that licenses determine the number of premium and exclusive businesses available in the metaverse. With a limited number available, the scarcity will bring value. Furthermore, each license is specific to the different districts. As such, you cannot use the one for Chinatown to operate a business within The Strip or Red Light District.

Licensing, Renting and More

Districts in Sinverse

There are two different types of licensesgeneral and exclusive or premium. With a general license is available to all land owners. With it, they can create a shop or further expand their enterprise. They can also use it to customize their brand name. however, it depends on the number of plats, and they type of businesses you have. This is because only users with an exclusive or premium license will be able to build high-yielding businesses.

In addition, players can rent out their business enterprises or licenses via a peer-to-peer. With this feature, they will be able earn passive income. However, you will not be able to use your land during the duration of the rent period. Another way to earn in this game is by stocking up for inventory for your business.

By doing so, you will be able generate profit by selling to players or SinVerse visitors. You can decide to trade in your profits or reinvest it to get more stocks. Speaking of in-game inventories, there are two ways to get them. You can either get them from the marketplace or source them from in-game activities. Finally, users will pay taxes according the current rate of their businesses. The tax will be reinvested back into the game’s reward system

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