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Illuvium Set to Launch the Survival Arena Private Beta 2

The play-to-earn game platform, Illuvium, has released details of the launch of its Survival Arena Battler Private Beta 2. The event will start on September 28. Participants in the Private Beta 1 will automatically access the Private Beta 2 event.

While Private Beta 1 features an experience that evaluates the ability of players to overcome challenges, Private Beta 2 offers more challenges. There are significant changes to almost all the game areas to deliver a more exciting game experience. 

How to Access the Private Beta 2 Event

Players with Arena Battler Private Beta 1 will automatically access Arena Battler Private Beta 2. However, you must log in to your official Illuvium account to download the new game version. Additionally, you must delete the old Private Beta 1 game file on your device for a seamless Beta 2 experience.

Overview of Survival Arena Battler Private Beta 2

There are 106 new units featuring 75 TOs and 31 Lynxes. The Omega progression of all Illuvials is simplified, and the stage-1s are more powerful while stage-3s is less. Other highlights of the Private Beta 2 include the following:

  • The Star Nosed Mole lines, Ant Eater, Pistol Shrimp, Taipan, and Shoebill now have reworked Omegas.
  • Players will earn a 10% interest bonus for all unused mastery points in each round.
  • The training mode does not count towards the Leaderboard, and the Leaderboard now ranks gamers correctly.
  • Illuvium added Augments enabling players to equip Illuvials for additional effects and power.
  • The team also tweaked the Synergy, and primary Synergies now have increased power, while composite Synergies decreased.
  • Players’ progress is saved every Wave in Training mode and every five waves in Competitive mode.
  • The team has simplified the Hyper system, and all matches now end in a win/loss.

New Features and Upgrades to Arena Battler Private Beta 2

As mentioned, the Private Beta 2 mode has more features. The highlights of these features include:

Augments: Private Beta 2 has fifty augments. Players can use these to modify an Illuvial’s behavior and purpose, give them a new role, or reinforce their current one.

Dominant Synergies: Illuvials now possess dominant synergies for only bonding for now. That means a Ranger can bond with an Illuvial to gain dominant synergies and enable more intricate team synergy.

Gamers can find more details of all features of the Illuvium Arena Battler Private Beta 2 on the official medium page of the game platform.

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