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Big Time Releases Patch Notes for v0.25

The multiplayer NFT-based RPG action game platform, Big Time, has released Patch Notes for the v0.25 version of its game. 

The team has revealed that all gamers’ data will be wiped out during this update because of the large volume of changes to be done to the game. The goal is to ensure smooth progression and early game balance during the updates.

Highlights of Updates to the Gameplay

First-time gamers will experience a new flow with accelerated early gameplay. The game highlighted some new features added to the game. They include New Dungeon Tileset, Daily & Weekly Bounties for Quests, and New Shock Weapon Gems.

Big Time also mentioned that the Elemental Orbs now revolve around the second and third phases of the Elemental Boss Fight. Additionally, Public Event drill rigs have been connected to each elemental type in the new update.

Highlights of Updates on NFTs and Digital Collectibles

Big Time mentioned it added new cosmetic item types, Footprint Effects, and Emote Animations. Each cosmetic item has its unique feature in the game. It also revealed the addition of a User Interface for equipping cosmetic items already revamped to support the new types of items and enhance their usability.

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Highlights of Updates on Balance

The new updates on Balance cover different areas. For a start, Mission XP rewards now scale with dungeon level. Also, Big Time has improved the Drops from Demon Chests and upgraded the Fixer drones to make them last longer as you upgrade the skill.

With the new update, blocking with shields now prevents a couple of hit reactions from triggering. The game has also restricted players from spawning certain portals close to different objects and portals in the universe. The aim is to curb griefing. Lots of updates have been made to the Balance to ensure smooth gameplay.

Highlights of Updates on Personal Metaverse

Big Time mentioned it has improved existing Personal Metaverse tiles across the board, making them bigger and accentuating their rarities considerably. With the new update, gamers can remove decorations directly from the user interface. The game also mentioned it has fixed issues with specific PACEs that were unable to connect with other SPACEs.

Other areas Big Time updated include its AI, VFX, UI, Levels, Performance Optimization, Audio, and Bug Fixes. The comprehensive details of all updates are available on the news page of the game platform.

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