Gamium Beta is officially Live with Airdrop Points Campaign
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Gamium Beta is officially Live with Airdrop Points Campaign


  • Gamium presents the revolutionary MSTs and its platform in beta phase.
  • MSTs are ERC -20 tokens that represent social profiles and are tradable on the platform.
  • Gamium offers an immersive 3D experience and a referral system for its beta.

Gamium, a leading company in the Web3 space, has taken a bold step by launching its innovative MSTs and platform in beta, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the SocialFi narrative.

MSTs are revolutionary cryptocurrencies that represent social profiles of various personalities such as content creators, athletes and influencers.

The ERC-20 tokens, which operate within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, play a vital role as the core infrastructure of Gamium’s decentralized platform.

What sets MSTs apart is their capacity to be acquired, traded, and swapped seamlessly on the Gamium platform.

This opens up fresh avenues for users, granting them access to innovative investment opportunities and active engagement within a decentralized ecosystem that seamlessly integrates social interactions with financial endeavors.

In addition to being a decentralized exchange for trading MSTs, Gamium also offers an immersive 3D experience where users can socialize and interact in virtual environments.

Gamium Beta is officially Live with Airdrop Points Campaign

Gamium referral system is another notable feature during its beta phase

To access the platform, individuals require a referral code provided by an already registered user.

Upon entry, they receive their unique code and the option to invite additional members, earning 2,500 Airdrop points for every successful referral.

Since its inception, Gamium has experienced exponential growth, evidenced by the issuance of over 1000 MSTs within a mere 24-hour period and a robust trading volume exceeding $1,000,000.

This remarkable success firmly establishes Gamium as the preeminent SocialFi platform operating within the dynamic ecosystem of the Binance Smart Chain.

This combination of technological innovation, social participation and financial opportunities makes Gamium a platform to watch in the emerging blockchain space.

Gamium has introduced a new dimension to online monetization by turning social profiles into tradable assets and offering an immersive experience for its users, all within a SocialFi ecosystem that promises an exciting future at the intersection of social and financial on the web. decentralized.

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