Axie Origin Season 8 Postseason Has Officially Begun
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Axie Origins Season 8 Postseason Has Officially Begun


  • Elite 8 Tournament on May 25 to crown the Season 8 champion.
  • New axies Bard and Machito join the Origins family.
  • Balance and reward updates in the Season 9 preseason.

Axie Origins Season 8 has come to an end, giving way to the exciting postseason.

At this stage, several important community events and updates are highlighted.

One of the most anticipated moments is the Elite 8 Tournament: Battle for the Crown, which will take place on May 25 at 7 pm PH / 7 am EST.

The top eight players of the season will compete for a share of the 3,000 AXS prize pool, and viewers will be able to enjoy the event live and have a chance to win one of 600 axies that will be drawn during the broadcast.

In addition to the tournament, the postseason brings with it the distribution of Season 8 collectible ticket rewards.

Players who own collectible axies from the Rare to Mystic Eras will receive tickets representing their share of the 7,000 AXS prize pool.

These tickets can be converted into mAXS starting May 25.

The introduction of two new axies, Bard and Machito, adds a fresh touch to the game.

Bard, a free spirit who plays tunes in the forests of Lunacia, and Machito, a mischievous musician with maracas who does not hesitate to protect his team at all costs, join the initial axies family, promising new strategies and adventures for the players.

As for game updates, a balance patch has been announced to be released at the start of the Season 9 preseason.

This patch will adjust various game statistics and mechanics to maintain competitive balance and improve gameplay.

The preseason will also include a trial period for Runes and Charms, where Season 8 effects will be disabled and new versions will be introduced for players to try out.

Balance and reward changes in Axie Origins

Season 9 will bring major changes to the SLP rewards for Origins arena victories.

During the preseason, players at different ranks will receive different amounts of SLP, with a focus on reaching a 2% deflation rate for SLP.

For example, players at the Wolf rank will receive 2 SLP per victory during the preseason and 4 SLP during the regular season.

These adjustments seek to keep the game’s economy sustainable and balanced.

The return of the Collectibles Leaderboard in the preseason will allow holders of collectible axies to compete for a prize pool of 4,000 AXS.

Players will earn points by participating in the arena with at least one collectible axie, and these points will be multiplied based on the rarity and type of the axie.

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