Ragnarok: Monster World Launches Nyang Kit Event with Exciting Prizes
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Ragnarok: Monster World Launches Nyang Kit Event with Exciting Prizes


  • Nyang Kit Launch: Ragnarok: Monster World is launching the Nyang Kit NFT Mint on Ronin on May 28th, offering players in-game assets like Nyangvines and Ragmon Tickets, plus a chance to win one of the rare Irochi Baphomet NFTs.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Nyang Kit holders can enjoy early access to game content, enter exclusive lotteries, and have a shot at the limited Genesis Tamer NFT, which comes with VIP status and significant in-game advantages.
  • Ragmon Tickets: Each Nyang Kit includes three Ragmon Tickets, allowing players to claim new NFT Ragmons weekly, which can be used in battles, merged for leveling up, or traded, adding a strategic layer to the gaming experience.

Ragnarok: Monster World, a billion-dollar transmedia IP with a player base exceeding 68 million, is set to revolutionize the gaming landscape with its latest offering. On May 28th, the game takes a significant leap with the launch of the Nyang Kit NFT Mint on Ronin.

This event promises not just in-game assets like Nyangvines and Ragmon Tickets but also the chance to win a rare Irochi Baphomet NFT, one of only 200 in existence.

What’s Inside a Nyang Kit?

Ragnarok: Monster World Launches Nyang Kit Event with Exciting Prizes

A Nyang Kit is an essential asset for any Ragnarok enthusiast. Each kit contains four ERC1155 NFTs: one Nyangvine and three Ragmon Tickets. These kits are more than just collectibles; they’re your key to unlocking a multitude of opportunities within the Ragnarok: Monster World ecosystem.

Benefits for Nyang Kit Holders:

  • Early Access: Redeem Ragmon Tickets for Ragmon NFTs even before the game’s official release.
  • Exclusive Lotteries: Enter to win various Ragmon NFTs, reserved solely for Nyangvine holders.
  • Genesis Tamer Raffle: Secure a spot in the raffle for the coveted Genesis Tamer NFT, limited to a mere 350 units.
  • Monthly Draws: Participate in draws for prizes like $RON currency, higher-grade Ragmons, and other in-game rewards.
  • Long-Term Perks: Hold onto your Nyangvine for future benefits that will enhance your gaming experience.

The Genesis Tamer NFT – A Status Symbol

The Genesis Tamer NFT is akin to the Mystic axies of Ragnarok: Monster World, offering VIP status and a host of immediate and hidden rewards. These include early access to Irochi Baphomet NFTs, exclusive previews of new monsters, guild establishment permits, and airdrops of rare Ragmons.

Ragmon Ticket – Your Weekly NFT Claim

With each Nyang Kit, players receive three Ragmon Tickets, which can be redeemed weekly for new NFT Ragmons. These Ragmons are not just for show; they can be used in battles, merged to level up, or sold on the open market. The strategic use of these tickets is crucial, as the redemption value varies based on the Ragmon’s grade.

The Strategic Edge of Ragmons

Ragnarok: Monster World will feature over 30 Ragmons at launch, with new ones available for claim each week. The merging feature is a game-changer, allowing players to level up their Ragmons for better performance in battles. Holding onto multiple Ragmons could be the key to success in this vibrant NFT ecosystem.

Ragnarok: Monster World’s Nyang Kit event is not just a milestone for the game but a testament to the evolving world of NFTs in gaming. It’s an opportunity for players to dive into a rich, interactive universe with the potential for both fun and profit.

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