Apeiron Introduces the Doodaria Pass
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Apeiron Introduces the Doodaria Pass


  • Doodaria Pass Introduction: Apeiron introduces the Doodaria Pass, a free reward system for its Discord community, offering quests and rewards linked to a leaderboard, promoting inclusivity and engagement.
  • Earnings Update: Updates on $ANIMA and $APRS earnings address the exploitation of the guild transfer system, with changes to ensure fair play and a new PvP reward system based on rounds won.
  • Shop & Launch Anticipation: The Stardust Shop will feature upgraded rewards like Golden Apostle Tickets and Planet NFTs, with the Doodaria Pass launch eagerly awaited by the community next week.

Apeiron has unveiled the Doodaria Pass, a new initiative set to enhance the gaming experience for its dedicated Discord community, Doodaria. As summer approaches, the Doodaria Pass promises to bring a fresh wave of excitement, offering rewards for completing various quests tied to a leaderboard system.

The Doodaria Pass is not just a reward system; it’s a testament to Apeiron’s commitment to its community. It’s designed to cater to all players, from newcomers to the most dedicated grinders, and the best part—it’s completely free. This innovative pass aligns with the company’s ethos of inclusivity and community engagement.

Addressing $ANIMA and $APRS Earnings

Amidst the enthusiasm, Apeiron also addressed critical updates regarding $ANIMA and $APRS earnings. The company has taken a firm stance against players exploiting the guild transfer system for $ANIMA farming, announcing a system overhaul to deter such behavior. Apeiron’s vigilance in maintaining fair play was clear as they reminded players of potential penalties for exploiting technical loopholes.

Changes to the PvP Reward System

Apeiron Introduces the Doodaria Pass

The update also brought a significant change to the PvP reward system. Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, $ANIMA will now be awarded based on rounds won, encouraging players to fight for every round.

The Doodaria Pass stands out with its accessibility. Any member above chat level 5 on the Discord server is eligible, opening the door to a plethora of quests and rewards. These quests are categorized into Gameplay, Social Media, and Community segments, each offering unique challenges and incentives.

Upgrades to the Stardust Shop

Apeiron has also announced an upgrade to the Stardust Shop, which will now feature more enticing rewards, including Golden Apostle Tickets and Planet NFTs. These NFTs are not just collectibles; they enhance gameplay by unlocking new skills and offering additional daily rewards.

Anticipation for the Launch

The introduction of the Doodaria Pass is a strategic move by Apeiron to bolster its community’s engagement and reward system. It’s a clear signal that Apeiron values its players and is dedicated to providing a rich, rewarding gaming experience. The Doodaria Pass is set to launch next week, and the anticipation is palpable. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for this exciting addition to the Apeiron universe.

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