Illuvium's Loyalty Airdrop Rewards are Live!
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Illuvium’s Loyalty Airdrop Rewards are Live!


  • Active participants in the Illuvium ecosystem can now claim their ILV rewards as part of the Loyalty Airdrop.
  • The vesting start date for token distribution was June 10, 2024, with full completion on September 10, 2024.
  • Eligibility criteria include activities such as ILV staking, ownership of Illuvium Land, acquisition of Illuvitars, and trading on IlluviDEX.

In a gesture of gratitude towards active and enthusiastic Illuvium ecosystem users, Illuvium has launched its Loyalty Airdrop, allowing participants to claim ILV tokens as a reward for their ongoing contribution.

This recently announced program is notable for its focus on recognizing and rewarding active participation within the Illuvium community, reflected in the accumulation of points based on various key activities.

From the snapshot taken on April 14, 2024 to the vesting start date on June 10, 2024, eligible users can visit the Illuvium rewards site to connect their wallets and claim their ILV tokens.

This process must be completed by June 13, 2025, to avoid forfeiture of unclaimed ILV.

Participants are encouraged to promptly visit the Illuvium rewards site, connect their wallets, and initiate the claim process to ensure they receive their allocated ILV tokens within the specified timeframe.

The Illuvium Loyalty Airdrop operates on a system of accumulating points derived from diverse ecosystem engagements.

These activities encompass staking activities within both the ILV Pool and Sushi Liquidity Pool, active participation in IlluviDEX trading, and the acquisition of digital assets such as Illuvitars and Illuvium Land.

As part of this distribution framework, each participant is entitled to a proportionate allocation from the total pool of 50,000 ILV tokens.

The exact amount received hinges on the points amassed in relation to the aggregate points amassed by all participants, emphasizing fairness and engagement across the Illuvium community.

Illuvium's Loyalty Airdrop Rewards are Live!

Importance of the Illuvium’s Airdrop

The Airdrop not only rewards loyalty and active participation but also strengthens the Illuvium community by encouraging ongoing user commitment.

Providing a 12-month window for participants to claim their rewards, Illuvium demonstrates its commitment to transparency and fair token distribution.

Users have the option to claim rewards immediately or wait for the three-month vesting period to receive the full amount, with the note that early collection forfeits unvested ILV.

With the successful launch of the Loyalty Airdrop, Illuvium not only celebrates its community’s continued commitment but also sets a precedent in the cryptocurrency industry by promoting a fair and accessible reward model for all participants.

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