Metalcore Announces Official Launch Date for Closed Beta 3
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Metalcore Announces Official Launch Date for Closed Beta 3


  • MetalCore returns with its Closed Beta 3 on June 27.
  • New features include PvP scenarios and faction-centric PvE missions.
  • Significant improvements in stability, performance, and vehicle customization.

The universe of MetalCore gears up for a new testing phase with the announcement of its Closed Beta 3, scheduled for June 27.

This anticipated return promises a refreshed gaming experience, with exciting additions poised to capture the attention of action and strategy game enthusiasts.

In this next stage, players can immerse themselves in session-based PvP scenarios, competing in modes such as Domination, Capture the Flag, and High Value Target.

These modes are designed to offer intense and fast-paced battles, challenging both individual skill and team strategy.

Furthermore, MetalCore expands its offering with faction-centric PvE missions focused on the centuries-old warfare between factions like the Holy Corporation, Gearbreakers, and Metalpunks.

These missions not only enrich the game’s backstory but also provide a diverse and dynamic experience in an open world filled with varied landscapes and unique wildlife.

Fans will also enjoy faction-based social hubs, dedicated locations within the game world where they can gather, interact, and participate in social activities.

This promises to strengthen the sense of community and camaraderie among players, regardless of their faction affiliation.

Metalcore Announces Official Launch Date for Closed Beta 3

MetalCore doesn’t lag behind in customization and progression

Offering advanced vehicle tuning options that allow players to tailor their specific loadouts to their playstyle. 

This flexibility not only enhances tactical strategy but also provides a more personalized and rewarding experience.

To reward player performance and dedication, a new reward system based on monthly leaderboards is being implemented.

Those who achieve higher ranks on the leaderboards will receive exclusive prizes, incentivizing long-term competitiveness and commitment to the game.

To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience, MetalCore has dedicated significant resources to improving the stability and performance of the game.

This includes optimizations to reduce crashes and freezes, as well as enhancements to frame rates for a more consistent and immersive gameplay.

With these exciting changes and improvements on the horizon, MetalCore prepares to captivate a new wave of players while continuing to build its sci-fi universe full of action and strategic depth.

Additional details and updates will be available as we approach the launch date of Closed Beta 3, promising even more surprises and challenges for brave mercenaries venturing into Kerberos.

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