Gear Up for Epic Arena Battles in New Nine Chronicles Update
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Gear Up for Epic Arena Battles in New Nine Chronicles Update

Adventurers, the action-packed Nine Chronicles Championship 6 is on the horizon! It’s time to showcase your skills in the arena you’ve been training for.

With dedication and passion, embrace the challenge and leave your mark. Good luck to all your competitors!

Up for grabs are the stunning Azure Rui costume and prestigious titles. There is a lot of fun and epic stuff to explore with this new update, and we will tell you all about it. So, let us talk about all the items and rewards that you can expect to see on Nine Chronicles.

Introducing Azure Rui to Nine Chronicles

Azure Rui and her sister Ruci are legendary heroes known for defending their realm. While Ruci is an experienced spear master, Rui awakens brilliant blue power in crises, standing firm against any threat. Their adventures left a legacy of hope. Also, having this costume on your roster will be a major upgrade for any player who wants to get a boost.

Introducing Azure Rui to Nine Chronicles

NCG Reward Tiers

Top 100 players will receive an exclusive Championship 6 title, with stats to be announced. These limited titles are there to show your achievements on the platform. So, the best way to get them is to meet their requirements.

Win the Azure Rui Costume

The unmatched Azure Rui costume boosts ATK and SPD. The reward also has two tiers, and the top 60 of ranks 1-200 with the most NCG staking will get the costume. In addition, 40 random players ranked 1-500 will also receive the costume.

Key Points to Remember

Firstly, only 1 character per account will be able to get rewards. You cannot use this costume for multiple characters. Secondly, higher-level characters will get the reward if 2 qualify, so make sure you work on upgrading the one that you want to use the costume for. Finally, all banned accounts are ineligible for this reward.

Great Times to Look Forward to

Get ready to shine in Championship 6 by Nine Chronicles and become the star! With the stunning Azure Rui costume and prestigious titles up for grabs, it’s time to bring your A-game. It is time to jump into the action and show what you got in the platform arena!

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