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Jobtribes Announces Labyrinth Quest Event

Jobtribes announces the Labyrinth Quest beginning on 5th April at 14:00 UTC+8. It has rewards and the unprecedented NFT Lottery.

This event will run for seven days, from 5th April to 12th April. In the meantime, you can earn many rewards and even test your luck for NFT Lottery. So let’s see what this event has got for all the fans!

Contents of the Labyrinth Quest

Jobtribes has enhanced certain amulets within the Labyrinth Quest, now making them float around on each floor. Additionally, there is a chance to gain some advantage by organizing the enhanced amulets. Also, in the more difficult levels of the Quests, your enemies will appear with some excellent and unique skills – to make the quest more competitive and adventurous. However, if you always want to stay ahead of your enemies, you can check out the enemy amulets’ details and create a counter-strategy to combat them. 

If these contents look cool, wait till you read this: for the first time in this Quest, players will get a luxury item upon cleaning each floor! And those who are suckers for the “Archaeologist” amulet can get it after conquering the floors. Furthermore, an open Labyrinth shop can get you some coins, and you can even trade them in exchange for something more useful. You can visit their website for further details on the Labyrinth Shop Conversion. But just to let you know, you need 45,000 Labyrinth Coins to convert it into NFT and 6,500 for NFT Lottery. The amount of coins is undoubtedly different for each product and the lowest for in-game assets such as elixirs.

About the NFT Lottery

So, first of all, Jobstribe’s Labyrinth Quest has an NFT Lottery, which is pretty amusing. If you want to redeem the “NFT Lottery,” all you have to do is to spend “Labyrinth Coins” in their “Labyrinth Shop.” If you somehow get your hands on the Lottery, there is a 95% chance of getting it as an Amulet and a 5% chance as an NFT. The chances of getting NFT are thin, but you might get lucky! 


The Quest has 20 stages, and you can obtain items for clearing each stage for the first time. Each floor has some interesting items, mainly Labyrinth Coins. A complete list of items on each floor is available on their official website.

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