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Decentraland Unveils the 2024 Manifesto for a Game-Changing Year


  • Decentraland unveils its ambitious manifesto for 2024, signaling a phase of transformation and growth.
  • Four central objectives include launching a New Desktop Client, removing entry barriers for new users, investing in engaging content, and supporting community growth.
  • The primary focus for the year is to build and release the next generation of the Decentraland Desktop Client, emphasizing adaptability for mobile and virtual reality.

Decentraland, the decentralized virtual platform, has disclosed its 2024 manifesto, outlining an ambitious approach for its ongoing development. Following a standout 2023 as the “Year of the Creator,” with the release of 68 new features, the platform looks ahead with a vision of transformation and expansion.

2023 witnessed significant achievements for Decentraland, introducing SDK 7, Smart Wearables, Emotes 2.0, and a revamped Backpack, among other features. However, these advancements also brought forth challenges, prompting the platform to reassess its direction.

In its 2024 manifesto, Decentraland focuses on four key objectives to guide its efforts: launching a New Desktop Client, eliminating entry barriers for new users, investing in engaging content, and supporting community growth.

The primary goal for the year will be to construct and release the next generation of the Decentraland Desktop Client. This client, crucial for realizing the vision of an immersive and efficient virtual world, will be designed to be adaptable to alternative platforms such as mobile and virtual reality while serving as an engine for high-quality creation tools.


Decentraland is Preparing Updates to Catalyze its Usability and Gaming Experience, Focusing on Benefiting its Community

Simultaneously, Decentraland commits to making its platform more accessible by removing entry barriers for new players and creators. This involves diversifying payment methods, offering support in multiple languages, and providing user-friendly creation tools for non-programmers.

Investment in creating engaging content will also take center stage in the platform’s priorities for 2024. Genesis Plaza, the starting point for new users, is expected to be transformed into a gamified experience to teach the basics of the platform and narrate the ecosystem’s story before users explore the virtual world.

Moreover, Decentraland plans a series of key events throughout the year. Focusing on themes like Wellness, Art, Gaming, Fashion, and Music. These events will follow the successful format of the 2023 Music Festival. Built around games and experiences created by the community.

Continued growth and support for the community hold a prominent place. The Decentraland Ambassador program is already underway, with ambassadors worldwide planning local events. Additionally, the inaugural Decentraland Community Summit is expected to take place in Argentina, the birthplace of Decentraland, in May 2024.

The platform commits to maintaining the Shape Up methodology for strategic product development, learned during 2023, enabling rapid updates and agile responses to changing user needs and market trends.

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