NFT Game Wild Forest Announces BIG Update
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NFT Game Wild Forest Announces BIG Update


  • Premium Battle Pass Tracker: Unlock the Premium Pass by winning 3 battles in 10 days.

  • Transformed Unit Skills: Strategic changes to Burner and Storm Cat skills.

  • Visual and Functional Improvements: Visual clarity, group indicators and improvements in reward collection.

In exciting news for Wild Forest fans, the team behind the game has released a massive update on January 31, 2024.

This new patch brings significant changes that promise to improve players gaming experience.

One of the most anticipated additions is the “Premium Battle Pass Quest Tracker.”

Now, players can easily track their progress by winning 3 battles within a 10-day span, unlocking the coveted Premium Battle Pass.

This addition will surely motivate players to engage more with the blockchain-game.

Additionally, the abilities of some units have undergone exciting transformations.

For example, the Burner unit no longer deals piercing damage, instead it now has the “Increasing Damage” ability, increasing its damage with each attack on the same target.

This becomes especially useful against high health buildings and units.

Storm Cat has also said goodbye to the stun and welcome the “Bouncing Attack” ability, allowing her attacks to jump to two additional targets.

These strategic changes will surely revitalize gameplay tactics in Wild Forest

The update also improves the card game’s visual clarity.

Now, the current level and rarity of units are clearly displayed above them, making it easy to instantly assess the strength of each unit on the battlefield.

A new group indicator, represented by the color of the circle below units, simplifies identifying groups amid the chaos of battle.

Not only are these new features, but performance improvements have also been implemented and annoying bugs have been fixed, including a bug related to incorrect calculations of match results.

To make the player experience even smoother, collecting rewards has been simplified.

Now, with a simple tap, players can easily navigate through all screens and quickly close the final rewards screen.

The Wild Forest update not only introduces exciting new features, but also addresses issues and improves overall gameplay.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this exciting world and discover all the surprises that the Wild Forest has in store.

The adventure just got even more exciting!

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