Champions Tactics Discloses Important Plans and Game Developments
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Champions Tactics Discloses Important Plans and Game Developments


  • Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics is making significant strides in its development, with the team diligently working to deliver what has been announced.
  • Ubisoft is recruiting a new community manager and planning a private AMA with the holders to involve the community.
  • Ubisoft will be present at NFT Paris on the 23rd and 24th of February.

Champions Tactics, the much-anticipated game from Ubisoft, has recently disclosed important plans and game developments. The team acknowledges the high expectations from the community and assures that they are committed to addressing feedback and concerns in the coming weeks.

Ubisoft, a major player venturing into the Web3 space, is navigating through numerous processes and adapting its decision-making for this new territory. The company emphasizes that it is being extra cautious not to announce anything prematurely to avoid creating unnecessary FUD or FOMO announcements. 

The development team is diligently working to deliver what has already been announced: preparing the Champions mint and releasing Champions Tactics this year. The Warlords, a key part of the journey, are here to stay. Ubisoft is focused on continually adding value and utility for its holders. 

This includes in-game benefits, community benefits, private beta invitations, and potential partnership opportunities beyond the Champions Tactics ecosystem. Ubisoft’s intention was never about making a quick cash grab or having the biggest floor price. The Warlords is the prologue, the starting point of the journey with the community. 

Ubisoft’s Presence at NFT Paris: An Opportunity to Experience Champion Tactics

Champions Tactics Discloses Important Plans and Game Developments

Ubisoft’s end game is not a PFP collection, but about making great games that millions of players will enjoy. The company cares about gamers first, and its only concern is about the game quality.

Ubisoft acknowledges that it needs to be more present in the community. They are currently recruiting a new community manager and are working on ways to involve the community more in the game’s development. A private AMA with the holders is planned soon.

The game development is progressing well. The team has just passed the ALPHA milestone, meaning that the core gameplay is now feature-complete. Gameplay sneak peeks will be shown soon. For the next milestone, the BETA, the team will intensify playtests to polish and fine-tune the core gameplay and focus on implementing the “meta-features” such as leaderboards, reward systems, crafting, etc.

They will be present at NFT Paris on the 23rd and 24th of February. If anyone is in the vicinity, they are encouraged to visit their booth and greet them. There may also be a chance to experience an early version of the game. 

They express gratitude for being part of this journey and urge everyone to stay tuned for more updates. In conclusion, Champions Tactics is making significant strides in its development, promising an exciting journey ahead for its community.

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