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Web3 Racing Game MixMob Launches its $MXM Token on Several Major Exchanges


  • $MXM, MixMob’s governance token, will be listed on various exchanges starting February 1.
  • They successfully sold 9,000 NFTs (MixBots) in 12 minutes, generating $2.25 million, backed by Solana communities. They also launched the MixMob: Racer 1 card game.
  • The token offers rewards, governance features, and viewer-centric features on MixMob’s Web3 platform. The introduction of the soulbound token $SUDS ensures the ecosystem’s solvency and stability.

MixMob, the Web3 gaming universe powered by Solana blockchain technology, announces the inclusion of its governance token, $MXM, on multiple crypto exchanges starting February 1. This step marks a key milestone in MixMob’s evolution, which began its journey with the innovative Flip Web 2 campaign in November.

As part of future plans, MixMob unveils a trailer and an official website for the sixth chapter of its game. Its unique narrative tells the story of creative resistance against a tyrannical artificial intelligence that has erased human culture. The game stands out in the ‘play to earn’ sphere by valuing players’ creativity, style, and gaming skills equally.

A notable achievement was the sale of 9,000 NFTs (MixBots) in just 12 minutes, generating $2.25 million backed by Solana communities. Additionally, they launched a strategy card game called MixMob: Racer 1, providing players with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies while enjoying the game.

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MixMob Ensures Solvency and Stability of its Ecosystem Through a Solana-Based Token

The $MXM token is presented as more than just a currency in the MixMob ecosystem. It offers a comprehensive gaming experience, including rewards, governance functions, and viewer features. The MXM League merges eSports and Web3 technology, with tournaments and governance managed by token holders. Turbo Arenas serve as liquidity pools, providing opportunities for staking and revenue sharing.

MixMob also implements a unique strategy to preserve the integrity of the $MXM token economy against potential external market influences. It introduces a Solana-based soulbound token, $SUDS, exclusively designed for in-game exchanges. This measure ensures a fair and balanced economic environment, promoting justice and stability in the game.

The listing of the $MXM token on multiple exchanges opens new opportunities for the MixMob community. They continue to demonstrate their commitment to innovation and creating unique gaming experiences in the Web3 space.

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