Immutable Launches ZkEVM Network on Polygon, a Blockchain Revolution for Web3 Games
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Immutable Launches ZkEVM Network on Polygon, a Blockchain Revolution for Web3 Games


  • Immutable zkEVM Released: Immutable announces early access of zkEVM in collaboration with Polygon, marking a key advancement in the evolution of blockchain gaming.

  • Industry Transformation: zkEVM seeks to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry with massive scalability, smart contracts, and zero-gas transactions backed by Ethereum.

  • Strategic Collaboration and Benefits: Collaboration with Polygon enables smooth executions and reduced fees, offering benefits to developers and players; The network is in early access, opening to the public soon.

The Immutable platform has announced the early access launch of its mainnet, zkEVM, in collaboration with Polygon.

This new development aims to transform the gaming industry on the blockchain, offering massive scalability, smart contract support, and gas-free transactions for players, all backed by the security of Ethereum.

The company  stands out as an ecosystem designed to empower game development, combining zero-knowledge rollup technology with Polygon’s ability to scale.

The network is currently in early access mode, allowing select game studios and collaborators to deploy custom smart contracts at launch.

The collaboration between Immutable and Polygon, launched in March 2023, has given rise to this layer 2 solution focused exclusively on gaming experiences on the blockchain, with a special focus on benefits for developers.

Validators support the network, staking Polygon’s Matic tokens, promising smoother transaction execution and reduced gas fees.

Immutable, lacked EVM support, limiting its connections on Ethereum

With the introduction of Immutable zkEVM, this problem is solved, expanding connections between crypto ecosystems and offering gas-free interactions.

The zkEVM network not only focuses on game development, but also seeks to strengthen connections between crypto worlds.

Currently in early access mode, the mainnet is expected to open to the public in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the company offers benefits such as gas-free transactions, improved game mechanics, and seamless interoperability.

Developers have the ease of building high-quality games and bringing them to market quickly.

With over 200 games committed to web development in the last 12 months, Immutable hopes to achieve 70% dominance in the web3 gaming industry.

This step could mark a crucial milestone for the gaming conglomerate, attracting millions of new players to try out the latest experiences.

In a message to the public, Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable, highlighted the progress of the Immutable ecosystem in supporting the development of the Polygon-based ZkEVM environment.

According to Ferguson, 2024 could be the decisive year for the gaming conglomerate’s expansion.

Immutable zkEVM marks an important milestone in the company’s mission to create the best end-to-end experience for web3 games.

With a strong foundation backed by Polygon and the promise of gas-free transactions, Immutable zkEVM has the potential to lead the blockchain gaming revolution for years to come.

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