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Mines of Dalarnia: Modbots Beta Season Recap


  • The Modbots Beta Season in Mines of Dalarnia was a resounding success, paving the way for the much-anticipated Season 1 scheduled for February 1, 2024.
  • During the beta season from November 20 to December 20, 2023, players actively participated, contributing to the collective success reflected in a total prize pool of 25,750 $DAR.
  • The prize redemption period, taking place from December 22, 2023, to January 6, 2024, allowed participants to claim their rewards based on the amount of Moon Chips collected.

The successful Modbots Beta Season in Mines of Dalarnia left a lasting impact on the blockchain community, setting the stage for the upcoming Season 1 on February 1, 2024.

Throughout the period from November 20 to December 20, 2023. Mines of Dalarnia players actively engaged in the Modbots Beta Season. An experience that proved to be a resounding success on various fronts. The total prize pool at the end of this phase amounted to 25,750 $DAR, showcasing massive participation and community enthusiasm.

The culmination of the beta season not only brought financial success. But also sparked anticipation among players to claim their rewards. From December 22, 2023, to January 6, 2024, participants had the opportunity to redeem their prizes. Determined by the amount of Moon Chips collected compared to the total accumulated by the community.

mines of dalarnia

The Beta Phase of Mines of Dalarnia Was a Resounding Success. The Community Awaits the Launch of Season 1 with Enthusiasm

The final results of the beta season included a detailed breakdown of Moon Chips. The highest total scores, and deployed Modbots. This summary provided players with a comprehensive view of their performance and contribution to the collective success of the season.

The beta season was not only measured in terms of statistics and rewards but also generated a positive and enthusiastic response from the community. Players expressed their joy, highlighting their eagerness for the upcoming season. Thank-you messages and excitement were widely shared, creating a celebratory atmosphere.

The Mines of Dalarnia team extended special thanks to the Modders’ collective effort and dedication in making the beta season a notable success. The community, in turn, continued to show its support. Demonstrating the special connection between players and the team behind Mines of Dalarnia.

With the beta season in the past, all eyes are now on the upcoming future. Modbots Season 1 is set to kick off on February 1, 2024, promising to be as successful as its predecessor. The community is invited to mark the date on their calendars. Get ready for more fun and adventures, and be a fundamental part of the ongoing journey in Mines of Dalarnia.

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